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Mamamia recaps Farmer Wants A Wife: One farmer is brutally rejected before making his decision.

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We've made it. 

After a whole lot of cow poo, an alleged "affair" with a crew member, and some brutal rejections, it's time for our four remaining farmers to choose their wives/the woman they will date for the next few months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

We open on some cows having a gossip. 



The women bid farewell to their workplaces the farms before heading back to the "city". 

A week later, after a lot of farm thinks, the farmers head to the "big smoke" to meet the families of their final two wives. 

First, Farmer Neil meets Justine's kids. They're pretty impressed when they find out that Neil has "50 hundred" sheep on his farm. 


Farmer Harry heads to Queensland to meet Madison's dad and best friend. Harry tells them he's been "spoilt" with the women he has gotten to know over the past four weeks. 

Justine tells Neil that she likes him. They both decide if they end up together neither of them will be able to just pack their bags and move in straight away. 50 hundred sheep or not. 

Harry tells Madison he doesn't understand why she signed up for this "bloody ugly lookin' farmer" and she says he was her favourite "bloody ugly lookin' farmer". 

Next Harry visits Stacey's family in Geelong and Neil meets Karissa's family in Bathurst. 

Stacey and her friend Keira take Harry horse-riding and Keira asks Harry whether he's falling in love with Stacey. Harry says she's a "good girl aye" and Keira says she'll knock him off the fence if he doesn't pick Stacey. 


Stacey and Harry jump on a horse and re-enact The Man From Snowy River and look, they're a bit cute. 

Meanwhile, Karissa is telling Neil she's found it hard to get a word in around Justine. Neil tells the camera that Karissa is pretty much his perfect match and he will follow his heart. 

It's decision day for Neil. 

He has a rotunda think and then Karissa walks towards him. He tells her the attraction was instantaneous and that they're so compatible, and they think exactly the same, but they don't have the "spark". Adele plays in the background as Karissa walks back to the car. 



Justine arrives and Neil tells her she intrigued him from the start. He says he would have happily walked away with her after their barefoot bowls date. Justine cries because she thinks she's about to be rejected. 

Neil tells Justine he'd love to keep seeing her, and she says she'd like that too pls. 

It's decision day for Farmer Harry. 

He has a dam think and then Stacey walks towards him. 

Harry tells Stacey he knows what he has to do, so he just has to... do it. 

Then we cut to Madison getting out of the car and walking towards him. He tells her he's feeling a lot more for "someone else". 

Stacey appears again and Harry tells her "I choose you". 

And then he gets down on one knee and... pulls out a rose. 






Meanwhile, Farmer Nick is in the 'big smoke' to meet Naomi's friends. 


He says he's a little bit scared of Naomi and he's hoping her friends aren't scary too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. One of her friends asks how quickly Naomi would have to move to the farm if he picks her and Nick says he's not really thinking about those kind of things yet.

The friends tell him maybe he should start thinking about those things as he literally has to make a decision in two days. 

When Nick hides in the bathroom for a lil bit, Naomi tells her friends how he tried to get her to kiss him by promising her a date, and then gave the date to Liz when she said she'd only kiss him after the date. 

They're genuinely confused why they're on national TV meeting a man their friend hasn't even kissed yet. 



Meanwhile, Farmer Alex is meeting Jess's family in Geelong. Jess's sisters say it's important her kids can grow up around their cousins which throws a bit of a spanner in the works. 

Farmer Nick is off to meet up with Liz and her friends. He thinks they're "too similar" to date which makes zero sense but ok. 

Liz's friends turn out to be three massive blokes. Liz tells her friends she quite likes Nick but she can't shake the feeling that he's seeing someone else and... true. 

Back in Geelong, Jess tells Alex that she's not so worried about the cousins growing up together situation and she can definitely see herself falling in love with him. 

It's decision day for Nick which is hilarious because he's completely incapable of making a decision. 

He has a barn think and then Liz gets out of the car and walks towards him. 

Nick tells Liz seeing her is like "seeing an old friend". 

Suddenly Naomi appears and Nick tells her he's made his decision and he's chosen Liz. 

He tells her that on paper they're perfect for each other but they're missing something. Naomi says he actually hasn't been telling her how he feels and what he's been showing is that he's interested in Liz. 


Liz suddenly reappears and Nick tells her she's a beautiful, beautiful angel and he wants to be more than friends. 

Somehow - against all the odds - Nick has not only managed to make a decision... but he's made the right one. 

They head off the live happily ever after at the Tasmanian vineyard. 


Next, Farmer Alex is meeting Henrietta's friend Leigh. Alex explains that Hetty is a "risk" for him and he's worried about her leaving her fancy life behind for life on the farm in Cunnamulla. 

Alex and Henrietta have a private chat. Henrietta tells Alex she thinks they have amazing chemistry but there's this big "but" in the room which is... Jess. 

She asks him how he'd feel if she wasn't there at the end and he says he'd feel devastated. 

Henrietta says she wants someone who is sure about what they want. Alex says he has to do what's right by him and Henrietta says she doesn't think he's the right person for her and then gets up and leaves. 

Alex puts his face in his hat and swears a little and then... the episode ends. 









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