Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. The error in the new Fantastic Beasts movie that has Harry Potter fans fuming.

Come November 16, us Muggles will be blessed with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – the next instalment of the Harry Potter sequel.

However, there’s just one little niggle that diehard Harry Potter fans have taken issue with. You see everybody’s favourite Transfiguration Professor – Minerva McGonagall – is set to make an appearance, played by Fiona Glascott, but there’s a bit of a chronological error.

The Crimes of Grindelwald is set in 1927, but fans have traced Professor McGonagall’s birth year to 1935, making it nonsensical for her to appear in the prequel.

We’re still waiting on the official word from J.K. Rowling, but you can bet people are voicing their concerns on Twitter.





2. “I’m done.” One of Bride & Prejudice’s most controversial couples will split up for good.

Becoming invested in the relationships of people on television is really beginning to become too much for us.

It’s also starting to make us feel like we should maybe get lives of our own.


The latest strangers on TV whose lives we somehow feel a part of are, of course, the couples in Bride & Prejudice – our newest reality TV obsession that sees six couples go head-to-head with their families, who do not approve of them tying the knot.

While most situations of meddling parents has us siding with the couples themselves – there’s one which has us thinking the family might actually be onto something.

Izzy and Simon.

The couple’s relationship has been riddled with drama – with Simon struggling with alcohol abuse throughout their relationship and cheating on Izzy repeatedly.

"The betrayal I felt was to the bone," Izzy said in a previous episode about Simon's infidelity. Image: Channel 7.

Izzy's family are, understandably, not keen on the idea of them marrying, but Izzy has been determined to prove to them how much he's changed.

Well, as reported by News.com, the couple look as though they will break up for good during next Monday’s episode after a fiery on-set argument.

During the segment below - Izzy - who previously appeared on Australia's Next Top Model, is seen storming away from Simon as she tells him her mum was right and calls off their wedding.

Video by Channel 7

It looks like it's going to be very dramatic episode.

...We will most certainly be watching.

3. Um what. Geri just informed us we’ve been singing this Spice Girls lyrics wrong the whole time.

Yesterday's major pop music news has given '90s nostalgia tragics all around the world a reason to blast Spice Girls songs like we're in primary school again.

...But now we can do it with wine.

Since learning of the Spice Girls reunion next year (minus Posh), it's been 24-hours of bliss, really.

...If only they were coming to Australia. Source: Getty.

But amid the excitement, Geri Horner née Halliwell (Ginger Spice) has dropped an absolute bombshell that may take us a while to recover from.

You see, when we were much younger, back when Tamagotchis were a thing, we used to pride ourselves on our ability to break into a perfect rendition of any Spice Girls song at the drop of a hat.

Not melodically perfect, of course, but lyrically.

Because if you didn't know all the words to Wannabe, were you even a Spice Girls fan?

(We still don't know how we could remember the lyrics to every Spice Girls song at eight years old, but we can't seem to remember our friend's birthdays in our mid twenties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


As it turns out, we have been getting a lyric from one very iconic song... wrong.


In Spice Up Your Life (which we've had in our heads since approximately 1997), we've always sung the bit at the end of the chorus as: “Chicas to the front, hi see ya, hold tight”.

Which in hindsight... never really made sense.

That's because the lyrics are actually "hai si ja" - as in "yes" in three different languages; Japanese, Spanish and German.


Geri posted the lyrics on her Instagram and we are shook.


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@spicegirls -hai-Si-ja-hold tight #spicegirls #tour2019. @emmaleebunton @melaniecmusic @officialmelb ????????????????

A post shared by geri ????✨ (@therealgerihalliwell) on


We've been living a lie.

4. Carrie Bickmore shares the one thing she’ll miss most about her pregnancy.

Carrie Bickmore is currently very, very pregnant and on her list of 'the perks of being with child' is major pelvis pain, back pain, leg tingling, insomnia and a very needy bladder.

It doesn't sound very fun, now does it?

Despite this, The Project presenter has shared the one thing she will miss when she does eventually give birth, and it's quite sweet.


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Posting a photo from her pregnancy photoshoot with Who Magazine on her Instagram, Carrie shared the sweet message to her growing belly.

"Really gonna miss my bump when it goes. Won’t miss the intense pelvic and back pain or leg tingling or insomnia or the need to pee 50 times a day!!!!...but I will miss this little person jabbing me to say hi," she wrote.

And while we can see where she's coming from, the whole pregnancy process sounds... confronting to say the least.

5. Bachie alum Laura Byrne has weighed in on Dasha and Charlie's not-so-secret relationship.

We are always here for what past Bachie stars have to say about current contestants.

It is our lifeblood.

Especially when it comes to the more controversial topics of the series.

One of the biggest controversies of this year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette is the collision of both seasons that has seen Charlie Newling and Dasha Gaivoronski strike up a romance.


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Well, one of our Bachie faves, winner of Matty J’s heart Laura Byrne, says while Charlie hasn’t broken his contract, his actions may be frowned upon.

“There are no contracts that you sign,” Laura told 9Honey.

“You don’t have any obligation to pretend to be in a relationship and you also don’t have any obligation to pretend to not be in a relationship.

Very interesting...

You can what else she has to say in our  post here.