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Bachie alum Laura Byrne has weighed in on Dasha and Charlie's not-so-secret relationship.

We are always here for what past Bachie stars have to say about current contestants.

It is our lifeblood.

Especially when it comes to the more controversial topics of the series.

One of the biggest controversies of this year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette is the collision of both seasons that has seen Charlie Newling and Dasha Gaivoronski strike up a romance.

We have questions.

One: how did this even happen?

Is there some sort of Bachelor singles mixer organised by Channel 10 that all dumped contestants attend? (Those who miss out on being cast on Bachelor in Paradise, that is.)

Two: surely there are…rules about attempting to keep your relationship under wraps while you’re still on the show?

At this point – we’ve seen Charlie and Dasha on not one but two dates.

Not to mention the time Charlie’s face just magically happened to pop up in Dasha’s Insta story.

… All while he is still seemingly vying for Ali’s heart.


Well, one of our Bachie faves, winner of Matty J’s heart Laura Byrne, says while Charlie hasn’t broken his contract, his actions may be frowned upon.

“There are no contracts that you sign,” Laura told 9Honey.

“You don’t have any obligation to pretend to be in a relationship and you also don’t have any obligation to pretend to not be in a relationship.

“If Dasha and Charlie want to be in a relationship together, then they’re not breaking any rules – it’s just looked badly upon.”

Looked badly upon.

… Does this mean he won’t be invited to Osher’s birthday party?


If you cast your minds back to Dasha’s season of The Bachelor (as in, a few weeks ago), she similarly let the cat out of the bag early on.

During the Honey Badger’s season, Dasha posted a series of videos of her on a date with Teddy from Love Island before she was sent packing by Badg.

Clearly Charlie and Dasha have one thing in common – a “f*ck it” attitude towards Osher’s carefully devised commandments. Commandments he painstakingly etched into a stone tablet with his bare hands until they were bloodied and raw, which he then presented to the Channel 10 gods before season one aired.

(We assume.)

Perhaps it was their banishment from Osher’s circle that brought them together in the first place.