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Oh. Bride and Prejudice's Izzy Vesey was on another Australian reality TV show.


Another day, another case of ‘hey, hasn’t that reality TV star also been a reality TV star somewhere else?’

Channel Seven’s reality show Bride & Prejudice is back for another drama-fuelled season, and this time around, there’s a very familiar face thrown in the mix.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Bride & Prejudice, we met Izzy Vesey and her partner Simon. But as eagle-eyed fans have pointed out, we’ve actually seen Izzy on our screens before.

The 28-year-old starred on Foxtel’s Australia’s Next Top Model back in 2011, making it to the top six.


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But according to the model and artist, the two reality show experiences “couldn’t be more different”.

“There’s some raw emotional sh*t that happens,” Izzy told Who Magazine.

In its second season, Bride & Prejudice focuses on six Australian couples whose families will do just about anything to stop them from getting married.

For Izzy and her barber boyfriend Simon, their relationship has been a cause for conflict between Izzy and her mother for years.


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Izzy’s mum, Bobbi, thinks Simon is a “narcissistic sociopath” and “a soulless demon”.

And it’s clear to see why Bobbi is concerned – before the reality show was filmed, Simon cheated on Izzy.


“The betrayal I felt was to the bone,” Izzy said.

“I cut him out of my life. Simon had all these problems with alcohol. He was off the rails.”

"The betrayal I felt was to the bone," Izzy said. Image: Channel 7.

Shortly after Simon got sober, the couple got back together and are now engaged – much to Bobbi's dismay.

"How can you trust somebody who put you where you were?" Bobbi asked Izzy.

"Do you remember what you were like? Do you remember not be able to leave the bed, let alone the bedroom?

"He broke you. That's a dangerous personality."


Bride & Prejudice airs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm on Channel Seven. You can watch the trailer below.

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