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Just all the gobsmacking things that were actually said on the Bride & Prejudice premiere.


Channel Seven’s reality dating show Bride & Prejudice is back for another drama-fuelled season.

In its second season, Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings will focus on six new Australian couples whose families will do just about anything to stop them from getting married.

From big age gaps to religious differences, these couples are fighting to get married – despite what their parents think.

And just like last year, this season is already full of gobsmacking moments from all six couples.

Watch the trailer for the new season of Bride and Prejudice.

Jess and Seyat

Jess, 21, and Seyat, 19, met while clubbing a year ago, but Seyat’s parents think they’re too young to get married.

According to Jess, Seyat’s mother, Fatima, has called her “sooky, dirty and disgusting”. Eek.

“It brings up a lot of anxiety,” Jess said.

“I think Seyat is too young to be in a relationship. It will hold him back. I tell him, ‘Seyat, you are too young. You’re too young,” Fatima told the cameras.


Not one to hold back even a tiny little bit, Seyat’s mother also added: “Jess is very dirty. Very dirty. Disgusting. She smells like cats.”

“She dresses up like a prostitute. I don’t like party girls,” Fatima also said.

Sevat's parents are not fans of Jess. Image: Channel 7.

Seyat's father doesn't think highly of Jess, either.


"I believe Jess is a slutty party girl. I don't want my son to date a whore like that."

After meeting to discuss their engagement with Seyat's parents, Fatima was visibly angered at the news.

"She's got no personality, and she's never happy. She's always upset. His life was better before. He was more happy. I just can't see Jess in that wedding dress and getting married to my son. I won't be able to stand that."


Ange and Dylan

Ange and Dylan's story is one we've seen time and time again.

Ange and Dylan. Image: Channel 7.

23-year-old Ange's religious dad says homosexuality is a sin and thinks Ange and her partner Dylan, 31, will go to hell if they get married.

"He loves me but he doesn't agree with the fact I'm gay," Ange said.

"God made them Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Ange's dad John said.

"I don't agree with gay marriage. It's an abomination to the Lord so... into hell with ya."

bride and prejudice john
Ange's dad John voted no in the same sex marriage vote. Image: Channel 7.

After telling father that she had proposed to Dylan, John made it clear that he didn't approve. Telling her father that she may not want kids, he responded: "Well, that's a good thing, cause it won't f*ck their heads up".

John also compared gay marriage to incest, telling his daughter: "That'd be like me marrying my sister. It's totally wrong."


Hank and Lily

Hank's parents struggle with Lily's left-wing political ideals.

The conservative couple would also prefer if their 26-year-old son would date a woman "who doesn't speak back and does what she's told".

bride and prejudice
Hank's parents clash with his partner Lily. Image: Channel 7.

“Lily is a controlling, feminist, vegetarian,” Hank's parents said.

"Lily is stubborn, opinionated. It's gotta be her way or no way," they added.

After telling his parents that he had proposed to Lily, Hank's parents were less than impressed.

"We can't have dinners together now, because she's vegetarian and she doesn't like what I cook," Hank's mother said.

Despite denying she had called Lily a "stubborn bitch" to her son, she later admits that she probably did (or at least, thinks it).

And the couples and their families we will meet tomorrow are...

Melissa and Aalden

Melissa's mum isn't too keen on her daughter marrying Aalden.

Aalden, 32, and 29-year-old Melissa have been together for six years and dealt with Aalden's gambling addiction and infidelity.


"Aalden is basically a drop kick, he's a loser, he's not Melissa's level... my sister deserves better than that," Melissa's sister Rachel said.

Ry and Philippa

Between them, 39-year-old single mum Philippa and 21-year-old Ry have an 18 year age gap. But to these two, age is just a number.

Philippa's parents disapprove of the couple's 18 year age gap, as they think Ry is just using their daughter for money.

"Yes, there's 18 years between us, but it's not like I was out to score a younger guy, this just happened," Philippa said.

Izzy and Simon

Wondering where you've seen Izzy before? She was a contestant on Australia's Next Top Model back in 2011.

The 28-year-old has been fighting with her mother Bobbi and her best friend Amanda over whether her partner Simon, 27, is right for her.

“Simon is a narcissistic sociopath’’ and “Simon is king of the trash” are just some of the things that they've said about him.

"My mum hasn't trusted him from the get-go," Izzy told TV Week.

Earlier this year, Izzy suffered a miscarriage. At the same time, Simon was cheating on her.

"The thought of Izzy spending the rest of her life with Simon after the way he has treated her, I feel devastated... I'm not convinced [he] has changed at all," Izzy's mother Bobbi said.