“I spent $4500 on a coat that didn’t fit": 26 women share their most expensive clothing purchase.

We’ve all paid what feels like a hell of a lot of money for something. 

The most expensive item of clothing I ever bought was a long, beaded dress that looked beautiful but was horribly uncomfortable and kept tripping me up. 

I wore it maybe twice before guiltily shoving it away behind some winter coats.  

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Here, 26 women reveal how much they paid for the priciest thing in their wardrobe, and whether it was worth buying or if they regret it. 

Typh: I bought a designer bag that cost more than a car. I am too scared to ever use it. I have heart palpitations whenever I get it out of its box. 

Bella: $2500 on a Burberry trench coat. A super-abusive and toxic ex told me it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen, so naturally the first thing I did when we broke up was use my savings to buy it.

Jane: My Gucci sunglasses that I bought 25 years ago for $550. I paid them off for months on my pathetic childcare worker wage. Now my 16-year-old son wears them because “They’re retro, Mum!” No regrets!

Carol: $13,000 on a Chanel classic double-flap handbag. A 50th birthday present to myself. I’ve had it for 10 years and still wear it everywhere. Dollar per wear it was cheap. Goes with everything!

Michelle: Got a pair of sneakers – loved their look. $1300. They hurt. Wore them twice. Have tried to sell them. No luck! 

Charlie: I bought a Louis Vuitton bag ($3,150 but I got for quite a bit less in Europe) that I had wanted for ages and is really hard to get your hands on. I don't regret it at all! I use it as much as possible and love it every time I wear it.

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Helen: I scraped and saved for a beautiful hooded wool coat which cost $300. Ten years later and it’s still a staple and I get heaps of compliments. 

Bex: $1900 YSL clutch. I absolutely love it, and treasure it, and wear it to every fancy outing. I hope to one day pass it down to my daughter.

Natasha: A $10,000 fur coat from the last furriers in Sydney, about 23 years ago. Worn once. Gave it to an abattoir worker as I find fur appalling!

Jia: Diane von Furstenberg dress, $1500. Bought it ages ago and still love it. Every time I wear it, I get compliments.

Lize: Got me a Gucci Soho from Saks while I was in NY 5 years ago. $1300 bucks, use it every day, no regrets.

Soph: An Acne Studios shearling bomber jacket (around $3500) that I bought myself for my 30th, which I had been dreaming about for literally years. It didn't make much sense when I was living in Melbourne because it's so thick but now in a NY winter I wear it all the time.

Chloe: I have a shirt that I paid $149 for which may not seem huge for some people but that’s super-excessive for me. It’s a vintage Harley Davidson shirt.

Michelle: My Camillas. Have about five of them and paid approx $500-$600 for each. Love them still and always feel like a floaty ethereal princess when I wear them, even though I am an old chooky now.

Emily: I bought an amazing Prada coat when I was in Italy for $4500. I tried it on and loved it but when I got it home I realised it didn't really... fit me. So I gave it to my sister and I'm still upset about it.

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Emilia: LV Speedy 30. I got it over 10 years ago in Greece for about $1100. Or maybe it was 1100 euro. I dunno. I went into the shop looking like a feral skank. Because I am a feral skank. The sales assistants were incredibly rude to me. I wish I could have had a Pretty Woman "big mistake" moment but I really wanted that f--king bag. Anyway, I wore the f--k out of it but not so much anymore.

Arabella: I spent close to $3000 on some black Swarovski crystal-covered military-style boots in Monaco. I f--ing love them as they are the comfiest thing I own.

Courtney: $US20,000 on a limited edition colour Birkin. Don’t regret it as I love it and it would be worth even more now if I were to sell it to a dealer so it’s an investment.

Lisa: About $400 on a pair of hiking boots, of all things!

Tam: My Mulberry Lily bag retailed for about $1200 at the time, but I used a media discount and got it for $750. I used it every single day for 5 years until it physically retired itself, so no regrets. If a bag is excellent quality and you adore it, you'll get your money's worth. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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Selina: Burberry raincoat that I proceeded to lose on a flight only ONE WEEK LATER. I feel like it was the gods telling me to be less gluttonous so I wouldn’t spend that much ever again. If you found my coat on a Jetstar flight to NZ, hope you love it.

Emmeline: Four years ago I purchased a beautiful $400 Celeste Tesoriero knit jumper and I still wear it. I don’t regret it at all. Every year since then I’ve spent about the same on a jumper, and now I have a collection of knits that will last me forever!

Kerryn: I spent $900 on a gorgeous Trelise Cooper silk and embroidered black cocktail dress for an opening in a regional city. I turned up and the first person I see is someone else in the exact same dress. Great taste, I guess.

Monique: I bought these amazing Louboutins in New York when they would have been the equivalent of around $2300. I have never worn them as I fell pregnant shortly after and spent the next four years either pregnant or breastfeeding, and then gained a ton of weight and now can’t walk on pin heels. They’re absolutely STUNNING but literally the most uncomfortable shoes in the entire world. 

Shelley: I’ll buy $400 sunnies with a small scratch for $200 whenever I get the chance, but every now and then I’ll buy a $1000 dollar pair of sunglasses. I plan to have them all lined up on my coffin at my funeral and all the guests will wear sunnies too. I love that they can make an immediate statement.

Anita: $1500 Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots (suede, black). I feel regret at how many animals may have died to make them.

Ashley: Whole wardrobe is op shop. Most expensive item: $50 leather jacket.

Carolyn: I bought a LV wallet for $1200 from my mother’s estate money. I use it every day and think of her every day too.

Ashley: I had a $2000 YSL handbag in my wardrobe. “Had” being the key word. Someone broke into my house and stole it. I don’t regret buying it but I realised these are just “things” in the big picture and my dog’s wellbeing after the break-in was all that mattered! 

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