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elishatraill January 26, 2022

@snorks sadly not. In general, I’ve found the process of engaging with the school to be very frustrating. We have a long way to go before inclusive education is a reality.  I jumped on the comment above because the question of homework has been an ongoing problem for our family and really, it shouldn’t have been. Not every parent who requests an exception to a rule is an obnoxious crackpot. I just realised my comment above trailed off into nonsense 😂😂😂 clearly hadn’t finished my cup of tea at that point of the day!

elishatraill January 26, 2022

@michael but he is the PM of Australia, and as such has a range of diplomatic tools at his disposal that he has chosen not to utilise.  That is the point I think sylv was making.  Scott Morrison is not responsible for what happened in Dubai, but he is responsible for the total lack of response to it.  

elishatraill January 26, 2022

@snorks 100% agree - but schools should cooperate to modify a policy to meet the individual needs of a student when a parent makes repeated and respectful requests.  That’s what inclusive education is all about.  While the examples of parent behaviour in the article are indefensible, please don’t think that every parent who requests an exception to a rule is an pllllllllppllplpllpp

elishatraill January 25, 2022

@cat absolutely parents should be able to override school “policy”.  Schools are a public institution paid for by taxpayers, not a dictatorship. Our son has three therapy sessions a week outside of school for a diagnosed disability, plus what we do at home. You bet your a$$ we’re not sitting down to do the poorly photocopied worksheets that bear no resemblance to the actual year level that he’s working at (he has an individualised education plan).  I had a respectful conversation with the school in prep around homework but the respect is fading after years of being ignored and hassled by school staff.  My husband does most of the communicating with the school at this point!

elishatraill January 7, 2022

@fzmclaren good on you. It’s a shame that RATs aren’t more easily available.

elishatraill January 5, 2022

@mamamia-user-893622181 I feel for you - there’s a big difference between disliking parts of parenting and actually telling your kids you wish they didn’t exist.

elishatraill January 5, 2022

Any parent that doesn’t admit to disliking being a parent occasionally is lying or in deep denial 😂

elishatraill December 18, 2021

I feel this. It’s incredibly alienating for kids to have to keep showing up day after day to run a race they know they can never win.  So many educators have good intentions but no genuine experience with neurodivergence.

elishatraill December 17, 2021

@random dude thanks for the heads up, I’ll check them out.  Stingers are everywhere in NQ and I get sunburn looking out a window so this would be great for me 😁

elishatraill December 17, 2021

@mb1111 absolutely - whoever does the work sets the benchmark.  No work, no opinion.  A great rule of thumb for life, not just Christmas.  A non-Christmas example: I don’t always love the school fundraisers that are organised but keep my opinion to myself. Why? I’m not the one sitting in a P&C meeting at 7.30pm on a work night and I have NO right to comment on the hard work of those that are.  

elishatraill December 15, 2021

@rush I’m glad I’m not the only one 😁

elishatraill December 15, 2021

Am I the only person who would wear the hell out of Melissa Mcarthy’s swimsuit?  That thing is awesome.  No sunburn, no losing your top in the surf, less sand up your bum, no jellyfish stings... I want one!!

elishatraill November 25, 2021

MAFS has been crossing lines since its first episode.  This is just the natural culmination unfortunately.  I genuinely can’t understand why so many people love watching it - it’s dark! 

elishatraill November 22, 2021

@snorks it’s heartening to see a conversation where the underlying cruelty of the current system is acknowledged!

elishatraill November 11, 2021

No. 19 made me laugh out loud - we are going through the same thing, only with Thomas and Friends. I know more about the Island of Sodor than I ever realised existed!!  

elishatraill November 5, 2021

Your husband is a lucky man that you stuck it out with him.  

elishatraill October 25, 2021

Because it is a box ticking exercise, that’s why.

elishatraill October 24, 2021

I’m tired of Barnaby Joyce speaking, full stop 😂

elishatraill October 21, 2021

@luvlee I really didn’t think there could be a tv show I disliked more than Love Island, but between the creepy torture-porn vibes, injuries to the participants and the appalling casting choices, SAS Australia is edging it out for me.  

elishatraill October 20, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 and yet, smeared she will be...