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elishatraill June 10, 2021

@smart cookie selfish. I take issue with the description of the couple “unknowingly” being infectious. They were from a hotspot! As rush said, there was so much they could have done to minimise the risk to others, and they didn’t. 

elishatraill May 28, 2021

@km I don’t think you would be saying this if you were a hospitality worker in Melbourne this weekend... some compassion for those who are bearing the brunt of this wouldn’t go astray!

elishatraill May 24, 2021

Getting older is better than the alternative!! I like her perspective.

elishatraill May 20, 2021

Totally agree that the burden on parents is unfair... but the number of times our kids have gotten sick from the dose and drop crowd is also unfair. Aside from the inconvenience to our own work schedules, it’s awful to watch your kids suffering unnecessarily.  For all the grief that Covid has caused, it’s taught people the importance of staying home when you’re sick.  

elishatraill May 10, 2021

@rush and here I was thinking “don’t unload on the lady who’s just so excited about her cream that she can’t read the room”... 

Vaginal tightening cream ffs - misogyny and stupidity rolled into one unnecessary product 🙄

elishatraill May 10, 2021

@maidadooley I think you may have missed the joke here... but I’m glad the cream is working for you!

elishatraill May 8, 2021

Why can’t you have both?

elishatraill April 18, 2021

@cat I do agree with you about the hypocrisy of the Morrison government. I just think that someone like Deborah Thomas is a better example of the glass cliff.

elishatraill April 15, 2021

@gypsy I don’t think she has broken any rules.  However, as the CEO of a government owned entity, “she hasn’t done anything unusual” isn’t good enough for me.  Optics matter and I think she exercised extremely poor judgement.  

In general, I think that executive compensation in general is absurdly high, and non-executive wages are unfairly low.

elishatraill April 15, 2021

The fact there are licensed care professionals involved in this travesty is a disgrace.  Agree that the focus should be on the perpetrator’s behaviours and not on the victim’s.  

elishatraill April 14, 2021

The issue is not that she is a woman.  The issue is that she used what is essentially public money to reward already well compensated executives with extravagant items.  I’m sure the posties delivering the mail rain, wind and shine - you know, the ones actually making the business exist - also brought “incredible contributions” but you don’t see them getting $20000 watches.  

Does the glass cliff exist? Of course.  Is this a good example of it? No.  Just because the rules don’t explicitly state she can’t give $20000 Cartier watches doesn’t mean it isn’t exceptionally poor judgement when she does.

elishatraill April 13, 2021

Australia should also be asking the question: Why have we allowed the facilitation of abusive and dysfunctional relationships to become our evening entertainment?  

MAFS is beyond disgusting, and I lose respect for anyone who says they enjoy it.

elishatraill April 8, 2021

@laura__palmer THIS. It is very important for people considering separation to get legal advice on how to manage custody BEFORE they leave.  

elishatraill April 8, 2021

@cat respectfully, I think you are mistaken. An acquaintance of mine went through this when she left her husband (and she left the family home - this was relevant). Her ex had her son for more than three weeks and she was told by police that unless there was a custody arrangement in place that he was in breach of, they would not get involved.  

elishatraill March 23, 2021

Navigating the Centrelink website destroys the strongest of us at the best of times - I can’t imagine the depths of despair doing this just having had a baby would cause!

elishatraill February 16, 2021

@daijobou look, I love op-shopping a lot, but boxy cuts &/or mustard yellow (hello, Frankie magazine) takes a special person to pull off! Full props to anyone who tries though... like I said, I’m VERY unstylish myself.  And better thrifting than fast fashion!

elishatraill February 14, 2021

@flyingdale flier no, honesty is not everything. Compatibility, commitment, connection and empathy etc. all play their part.  And how convenient for him that he got two years of devoted companionship and sex before breaking out the “honesty”.

I don’t judge this guy for not wanting a permanent relationship with the author.  I do however judge the sheer audacity of this guy expecting her to act as a place warmer until HE decides the relationship is over.  I hope she realises she can do better than this.

elishatraill February 12, 2021

@laura__palmer Thats hilarious - and true.  Gen z criticising anyone’s fashion sense brings to mind a phrase about people and glass houses...Then again, I wear jeggings unironically so I’m one to talk! 

A very stylish friend recently said to me “ all the nineties trends are coming back in and I’m not sure how I feel about that because they’re kind of ugly”.  Made me feel better 😂

elishatraill February 1, 2021

@snorks depends on which of their roles they went on strike from.  I can guarantee you the world at large would suffer if every aged/ disability/child care worker who was a mother chucked in their job!  

Fully agree with your broader point around individual household arrangements.  I have very low standards for housekeeping and society still functions 😂 

elishatraill January 21, 2021

@rush agreed, but I would find $20000 for a bag impossible to do. (A) I don’t have $20000 and (B) I would spend every waking moment terrified of losing it!

I feel for the lady who lost her jacket. I don’t have a great track record with sunnies.