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elishatraill October 20, 2020

@mamamia-user-197644376 people can access subsidised childcare without a recognised activity for mental health reasons. I believe a GP is able to organise this. Just putting this up so people know there are options. 

Whether subsidised or not, I think every caregiver deserves a break, regardless of whether they are in paid employment/study as well.  I’m glad to see the comments here so supportive.

elishatraill October 20, 2020

@sarah  usually a person who is not working would not have the $ to pay for the childcare fees if they weren’t subsidised. I agree that childcare places should be prioritised for working parents (note parents, not women) but I have no problem with parents who don’t work having access to some level of subsidised childcare. 

I think anyone who’s been around small children for an extended period of time knows why it is necessary 😂😂😂 god knows, I couldn’t be a SAH parent - one six week Christmas holiday period with no childcare was more than enough to establish that!  I take my hat off to them! If they need a couple of days a week to maintain sanity, have at it.

elishatraill October 10, 2020

This is why I strongly encourage anyone who asks NOT to leave the workforce to take on an unpaid caring role (for anyone - kids, siblings, parents). The number of women I know who have been screwed over doing this is staggering (and I’m in my mid thirties - there’s a whole lotta looking after parents and older siblings coming our way yet!).  We are supposed to have a social welfare network that covers people who need care - but no, the ladies will cover it!!! 

Maybe I’m a cold-hearted b**** but I’m frustrated at the way women are still expected to work for free.

elishatraill October 7, 2020

@guest2 many in the community are suggesting that the budget should have created these jobs in childcare by funding additional positions.  Access to childcare is very difficult in some parts of Australia, especially metropolitan or very remote areas. To me, increasing childcare places is an obvious way to create employment and increase workforce participation at the same time. I agree with you on the infrastructure but wish that support for construction was included increasing stocks of social housing.

elishatraill October 7, 2020

@guest2 in the short term, sure. Desperation will do that. But if you won’t acknowledge that a lack of access to affordable, quality childcare impedes workforce participation of women then you’re being deliberately obtuse. Economic data from around the world is very clear on this.

elishatraill October 6, 2020

@guest2 and in what way is creating jobs to look after the children who will graduate in 12-15 years NOT going kick start the economy? Not to mention the increase in workforce participation that would occur with additional support to the sector. 

elishatraill October 6, 2020

@cat totally agree. Cannot believe support for childcare isn’t being seen as key in boosting both workforce participation and productivity. Baffling, even for the Morrison government.

elishatraill October 1, 2020

@dp I think anyone following her would have been aware that her pregnancy was not going well and a loss was a possibility. Posting my life on social media is not for me, but I applaud anything that helps normalise grieving  pregnancy loss.  It’s such a strange sense of shame, as well as the grief, and knowing that you’re not alone in your experience can be very healing.  

elishatraill September 30, 2020

Kudos to all these talented women! I give you extra props for being honest about what you actually make $-wise. So many articles about entrepreneurs and side hustles make out that people are “killing it” as “boss babes” and all that nonsense.  Great to see a realistic account of the time, effort and passion that goes into an enterprise like the ones featured.

elishatraill September 29, 2020

@rush I know right? My house is grey and white, and I love it. Probably because of the assault on my eyes that I grew up with haha.  My kids will probably fall in love with decor that resembles rainbow ice cream... the pendulum swings back and forth through time!

elishatraill September 28, 2020

@rush oh god, I laughed at the idea of a seventies house! We had the green/orange/brown combo in the family home I grew up in. I asked mum once whether they all thought mission brown looked good, or if it just happened to be cheap. She said, no we all thought it looked amazing 😂😂😂

elishatraill September 24, 2020

@km an individual child spitting at a police officer is an an entirely different thing to a “group” PLANNING in ADVANCE to behave in this vile way.  I would like to know what the consequences to the public school child were. The behaviour described in both cases - spitting - might be the same but the coordination and advance planning as a group suggests that the issues among the private students are systemic and pervasive.

elishatraill September 18, 2020

If we should all “live our life” and “work how we want to”, then maybe you should stop shitting all over people who do it differently to you? You’re very fortunate to have a single job that pays enough to live comfortably, and for the “hustle” to be a choice rather than a necessity.

elishatraill September 10, 2020

@grumpier monster Rilla of Ingleside is politically incorrect?!? I don’t care, it’s a lovely story and the main character is just so likeable. I’ll look up the other story you mentioned, thanks for sharing 🙂

elishatraill September 9, 2020

@anonymous I’m not really connecting the dots between a victim of sexual assault and an anti-vaxxer who can’t control his temper...???

elishatraill September 3, 2020

This is exactly what I needed to read today.  Mad respect to this lady.

elishatraill September 1, 2020

@gu3st I was, but I think the point stands either way!! 😉

elishatraill September 1, 2020

@cat I feel the same way about Australian flag thongs 😂😂😂

elishatraill September 1, 2020

Not trying to be a smart arse, just trying to understand. I have questions:

If 99 people from that culture/ethnicity are not offended, but one is, is Adele still in the wrong?  Is it right for a person of any ethnicity who has textured hair to be offended on a person of Jamaican heritage’s behalf, or not?  Does it make a difference that Adele was attending a festival of Jamaican culture, or not?  Should the person who did her hair also be criticised, even if they themselves are of Jamaican heritage? Why/why not?
I understand not wanting to have your cultural heritage denigrated.  My overarching issue with it is who gets to be the arbiter of what is, and is not appropriate, and why.

elishatraill August 25, 2020

I love this tv show!! Glad to see Sophie living her dreams.

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