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essie May 28, 2023

Say the same Vanessa Williams to me; the only things that come to my mind are her beautiful eyes, her beautiful smile and her beautiful songs, “Save The Best Til Last” and “Colours of the Wind”. 🥰

essie January 4, 2023

So glad I married at 20 during the late 90s with no idea what I was doing! 🤣🤣 Picked the first thing that came to mind each time I was asked and stuck to it. Our joyous + fun wedding was the first day of our committed, loving marriage. That’s what counts the most in the end 💕😊

essie December 17, 2022

😍 I just LOVE this movie! Such a fun storyline and cast is just brilliant. My favourite “must-see flick” each December. And YES it craps all over “Love Actually” any day of the week! You will never change my mind. 🙌

essie September 3, 2022

Good for her. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

essie September 2, 2022

Such a breath of fresh air in an industry full of pollution. Paul Rudd = Mr Wonderful 😍

essie July 17, 2022

Insightful article. I have always had concerns over this issue where my kids, especially my sons, are concerned. When you know better, you do better. 🤞 

essie June 5, 2022

@alice.g I re-read this too and it didn’t make sense to me either. Joey’s audition was for a Catholic-Italian immigrant. He finds out that he can only get the part if he is uncircumcised, which he is not. Hence this strange storyline quest for a foreskin 🤣🤣

essie May 30, 2022

Love hearing stories like this. Who doesn’t love individuality and a bargain! If I could do it over again, I’d follow this style of planning too 😊

essie May 5, 2022

This 🥹. Similar situation in that I’m mid-40s, have a wonderful, strong marriage with an active love life, four almost-grown kids I adore… but no more 🙅🏽‍♀️. I would like to think if I fell pregnant, even after all the precautions we take, this option would still be available to me. I must consider my own self, my marriage, my family unit NOW before all else. To have the choice taken away from me is terrifying and unfair. 

essie April 24, 2022

A favourite of mine. I remember going to the movies to watch it and it just smiling through the whole thing. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, if it’s on the telly, I will watch it again. Classic, relatable and oh so quotable. The bibopsy 🤣🤣

essie April 16, 2022

So refreshing to hear about two “celebrities” so in love, actually enjoying marriage AND with an appreciation (and admiration) for each other. 💞

essie April 14, 2022

Distressing to read, but we must stay informed and aware of these atrocities occurring in another land. I hope, for everyone’s sake, it can end soon. Horrifying 😢

essie April 2, 2022

Denzel Washington engages you through his ability to get inside each character he plays and truly bring them to life so much that you care about their journey. He oozes charisma and has a smile that simply draws you in - as an actor and person.

essie February 24, 2022

🥰Aww, so wonderful that they reconnected and found happiness together once more. Good ol Daryl Braithwaite does it again! 😉

essie February 23, 2022

To fall in love that deeply is the greatest gift. To have it snatched away in the blink of an eye is equally heartbreaking. I sincerely hope he gets a second chance at finding his perfect match. Everyone deserves love 💕 

essie February 22, 2022

Wow, just wow 😒. That’s a punch in the guts. To have so much history and no reasonable explanation for leaving you out of this milestone event, are you kidding me?! Just ask the question, for your own peace of mind… then you know where you stand moving forward. 

essie February 18, 2022

As the mother of an awesome, yet complex 14yo son with autism, I’ve heard his whole life people like my SIL tell me, “lucky it’s you and not me” or “I couldn’t do what you’ve done”. I’ve ignored the comments and looks of pity/relief mostly but they still bruise now and again. Mind you, at the moment she’s going through hell with a drug-addicted daughter and I find her words going through my own head about her situation. Of course we won’t know how we’ll cope until we’re thrown in the deep end. Drowning is not an option… gotta keep swimming. 

essie February 9, 2022

I will never understand how a concept so simple can blow up into something so HUGE! I wish them well and sincerely hope that kid has a childhood she can look back on fondly. 🤞

essie January 13, 2022

@rush The Hairy Biker is new to me! I’ll have to check it out. Another movie with Gabi Hoffman (and Christina Ricci) is “Now And Then”. You could say the female version of “Stand By Me”… both fabulous films 👍🤩

essie December 5, 2021

Absolutely horrific tragedy. Americans’ “right to bear arms” should not apply to weapons with such power. If holding parents accountable is the way forward to help prevent more shootings then that has to be a positive. Doesn’t bring back the innocent lives lost nor erase the memories of such scenes.