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essie January 13, 2022

@rush The Hairy Biker is new to me! I’ll have to check it out. Another movie with Gabi Hoffman (and Christina Ricci) is “Now And Then”. You could say the female version of “Stand By Me”… both fabulous films 👍🤩

essie December 5, 2021

Absolutely horrific tragedy. Americans’ “right to bear arms” should not apply to weapons with such power. If holding parents accountable is the way forward to help prevent more shootings then that has to be a positive. Doesn’t bring back the innocent lives lost nor erase the memories of such scenes. 

essie July 27, 2021

Missed this the first time around… I’m a proud half-arsed mum. Nothing irks me more than kids who don’t acknowledge nor thank the parental host of gatherings. Kids who aren’t encouraged to use basic manners and common courtesy.

Parents can give their children all the luxuries in the world, but if they haven’t instilled the basic foundations of being a “good person”, their future adulthood is going to be a quite a shock. 

essie July 15, 2021

@simple simon Oh yep - as Sophie she is fabulous!! No wonder the studio audience goes nuts when she appears. 😂😂

essie July 15, 2021

She’s a great actress and seems like she’s be an awesome, genuine person in “real life” as well. 

essie June 3, 2021

Breastfeeding- OMG you think it would be the most natural thing…. putting your newborn to your breast and it happily suckles. The pain, the attachment issues, the pain, the engorgement, did I mention the pain?! Severe mastitis by day six. Horrific. I would have rather give birth every four hours than breastfeed. I became a case study for hospital staff on how many  things can go wrong. Formula feeding was the only way I would have survived having four kids. 

essie June 3, 2021

@cat I had to look up what a Birkin was! I’d actually never heard of many of the items discussed. Major tightarse here 🙋🏽‍♀️….. and a bargain hunter for “mainstream” clothing. 

essie June 2, 2021

Ah the amazing Kate Winslet - my age, my wrinkles and my body tell a story too. Why erase the lines of life? The face of the person on the big screen should clearly express the joy/pain/anguish they want me to feel. Isn’t that real acting!

essie April 18, 2021

The Queen has carried out her life-long duties with grace, consideration and humility. That’s why she’s is so revered throughout the world. In her time of sadness she grieved alone, like so many of us have had to do during this terrible pandemic. May she find comfort in the memories of hers and Prince Philip’s enduring union.  

essie March 10, 2021

@guest2  Ooh “Behbeh”.... up that place without a paddle... or even a wig!! 😝

essie March 10, 2021

@rush Yup! That one had me LOLing too. Epic 😂😂

essie February 13, 2021

Yeah, nah. I will not subject myself to such pain. Waxing my eyebrows was bad enough and the redness and pimples afterwards stayed longer than I ever expected. I have extremely wiry coarse head hair so don’t get me started on the lower “afro circus”!! Pluck the brows, scissor-trim the bush and stuff anyone else who has a problem with that! 😇

essie February 9, 2021

I watched and enjoyed Bridgerton too and aside from thinking we must be more spontaneous, my husband’s touch still gives me shivers even after 25 years of marriage.  Fortunately for me, I found my Duke many years ago. And now even he wants to check out the show everyone’s talking about.... especially episode five! 😉 

essie October 22, 2020

Filth and laziness. Pure and simple. 

essie September 21, 2020

“Simply The Best!”  I haven’t enjoyed a TV show for such a long time (and actually waited weeks to watch the final two episodes because I didn’t want it to end). The characters, the costumes, the script, the delivery - outstanding entertainment. Schitt’s Creek absolutely deserved every accolade.

essie September 9, 2020

Great article, and best of luck Isabelle. Due to family history (all the great ailments run in my genes 🙄), I’ve gone for a colonoscopy every 5 years since I was 35. Appreciate the reminder as I’m due again next year! 

I’d rather deal with the gag-worthy prep and they find little to nothing than deal with a cancer diagnosis.... or worse. Not forgetting it’s the best sleep ever! 

essie August 15, 2020

Thank goodness for the detective taking this matter seriously. Hopefully it sets a precedent for how these concerning matters are dealt with from this day forward. An update on how the legal proceedings go would would be awesome! 

essie June 18, 2020

All I know is that anyone who can whip up restaurant quality meals from a mystery box of random ingredients with cameras and judges in their face and space should be praised. I hadn’t watched Masterchef for years but am really enjoying this season. Kudos to them! Keep negativity away from entertainment and obvious talent. “There’s things you may think, but you shouldn’t say out loud”. 🤐

essie June 10, 2020

Gosh! I pay $400 once a year to chemically straighten my afro-coarse frizz (regrowth) - sitting for about 5 hours each time. And in between get two haircuts for $65. Gotta love country life, minimal greys and a zfg attitude 😂😂

Essie March 14, 2020

Great point! And what happens if you do catch it and do quarantine yourself and your family for 14 days.... but then you’re around someone else known to have it? We could be in lockdown for possibly months!! There are so many questions, and no one seems to have answers.