Emma Watson's response to the mistake on her Time's Up tattoo would make Hermione proud.

It’s arguably the biggest night on the Hollywood events calendar, so it’s no wonder the 2018 Oscars are still making front-page news.

For days, people will be talking about the guy who tried to steal Frances McDormand’s Best Actress Oscar, or Jennifer Garner’s meme-worthy face.

But there’s one Oscars story that rules them all: Emma Watson’s apparent tattoo ‘fail’ as she arrived at an official Academy Awards after-party.

In case you missed it, the Harry Potter actress sported a rather large – and seemingly real – tattoo on her right forearm that read “Time’s Up” in honour of the movement sweeping Hollywood in response to the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo.

LISTEN: The Mamamia Out Loud team explain what the Time’s Up movement is actually about…Post continues after audio.

There was just… one tiny problem: the tattoo appeared to be missing an apostrophe.

Like the hashtag, Watson’s tattoo read “Times Up”, and many were quick to criticise the star – who is Brown and Oxford educated and is also a UN Women Goodwill ambassador – for the glaringly obvious error.

Emma Watson Oscars tattoo
Image via Getty.
Emma Watson Oscars tattoo
Oops. Image via Getty.

"'Times Up'? Sans apostrophe? Might want to look into a refund for that Brown University bachelor's degree in English Literature," one person tweeted.

"I sooooo thought she was better than that," another added.

But the 27-year-old has had the last laugh, joking about the mistake - and confirming the ink was not permanent - on Twitter.

We can just imagine Hermione Granger tweeting the exact same thing.


Of course, fans of the star were quick to offer their services...mostly by way of memes.



Jokes aside, lets not forget that Watson's efforts still deserve recognition: she recently donated AU$1.8 million to the UK's Justice and Equality Fund and she's currently pushing to make "Time's Up" a global movement, apostrophe or not.

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