A "mad rush" in the morning and Spice Girls singalongs: Emma Bunton's day looks like this.

Want to know how your favourite celebs spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, fascinating people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals.

This week, we spend the day with Spice Girl Emma Bunton (Baby Spice).

As one fifth of the biggest girl band of our time, Spice Girl Emma Bunton has been on our radios, TV's and a part of the pop culture zeitgeist since the mid-90s.

She's also a mum of two, wife, author and co-founder of eco-friendly baby brand, Kit & Kin.

Keen to know how she gets it all done, and what a typical day for Baby Spice looks like? Course you do - who wouldn't? She's a bloody Spice Girl!

Much like other parents, Bunton's day is busy from the get-go.

Her family is up at 6am, and then it's straight into getting her children - aged 11 and 14 - ready for school.

"[It's] always a bit of a mad rush," the British singer told Mamamia.

Breakfast usually consists of dippy eggs or waffles with fruit if they're feeling fancy, accompanied by "a bit of a sing and dance to our favourite playlist or listening to the radio."


"It gets us in a good mood for the day ahead," Bunton said. "If a Spice Girls track comes on, we turn it right up of course!"

Then it's time to get dressed and out the door, "hopefully without the kids forgetting anything."

Once her children are off, Bunton gets her body moving with an Instagram Live workout with friends.

"[It's] intense but makes me feel great afterwards," she said. "It’s important for me to make time for exercise, both for my physical and mental wellbeing."

At Mamamia, we love a "style uniform" - the outfit you feel most confident in and reach for regularly.

For Bunton, that's her favourite pair of jeans paired with a colourful shirt. 

"It’s comfy and classic and you can always rely on it," she told us.

As the co-founder of Kit & Kin - which recently launched here in Australia - Bunton is heavily involved in all aspects of the business, so she never has a 'typical' day.


"One day I’ll be at a photoshoot surrounded by super cute babies, the next at a design meeting about our new product ranges," she said. 

"It’s busy but really exciting, we’ve got so much in the pipeline that I can’t wait to reveal."

Music is also a big part of her day, as you'd expect. 

"I love writing [music] and it’s something I’m always doing," the Spice Girl said. 

"I’m working on my Christmas show right now, it’s my favourite time of year - to get up and perform my solo stuff, Christmas songs and of course, some Spice stuff!"


After she's wrapped up with work, Bunton loves to relax with a long bath ("there's nothing better"), then it's time for her skincare routine - and she turns to her own brand for the staples.

"I always use Kit & Kin," she shared. "[The products] might be created for babies but I’ll let you in on a little secret, they’re amazing for parents as well."

Last year Bunton married her partner of 23 years, fellow musician Jade Jones, with their children by their side.

The couple just celebrated their first wedding anniversary - and even after more than two decades together, Bunton said they make it a priority to make time for their relationship.


"Jade and I are so close," she said. "[While] it’s not always easy, we are a very affectionate couple and we tell each other every minute of the day that we love each other."

Evenings in the Bunton-Jones household are for family time.

"We all love a cosy night in on the sofa, sometimes you can’t beat a takeaway and your favourite telly," she told Mamamia

Then it's time for bed, with Bunton usually getting to sleep around midnight.

"Luckily I’m a good sleeper," she said. "[I] sleep like a log and then it’s time to do it all again!"

Feature image: Instagram/@emmaleebunton/Mamamia.

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