"I’ve been wearing the same outfit for years": 13 women share their style uniform.

Getting myself ready for work recently, I had a realisation that I have been wearing the same outfit for decades. 

While the shapes, length and colours have changed, my overall ‘style uniform’ of jeans with a blazer, remains.

A structured blazer makes me feel like a boss, and I feel so comfortable in a pair of well-fitted jeans. Yes, I like to experiment with trends, but if I’m in need of a fashion ‘pick-me-up’ I revert to my classic and comforting staples.

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I asked the Mamamia community to tell me if they also had a style uniform. Here are 11 of the best responses (plus my own) for some wardrobe inspiration.

1. Laura, jeans and a blazer.

“I love clothes but I basically have two style uniforms that I have been wearing since 1998 (albeit with different shaped jeans) and they are: a jacket and jeans, or a sweatshirt and jeans. I don't really understand skirts or summer clothes at all - it's my UK heritage, maybe? Also, I just feel most myself in structured clothes that give me either a feeling of professional confidence, or cosy comfort.” 

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2. Keryn, bohemian dresses.

"I wear dresses from Spell or Bohemian Traders basically every single day. I love the fact that I can just chuck on a dress and dress it up or down with a pair of statement earrings or some sneakers. In winter, I just pop a denim jacket or a blazer over the top to keep me warm."

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3. Kee, versatile classics.

"My wardrobe has always leant to capsule - classic and versatility over trends. Pieces that I can mix and match to create multiple looks across all four seasons. This is the winter version of my style uniform: a white turtleneck from H&M, wide leg white high waisted jeans from Dissh, and a boyfriend blazer from Zara. Finished with sneakers from Golden Goose or my Teva sandals."

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4. Zoe, jeans and a quality t-shirt.

“I love clothes too much to have a uniform but some combos always work - jeans, a good quality t-shirt and a blazer is a great one! Or an oversized dress with denim or leather jacket and sneakers. I am tall and always find shoes a problem - I would love to be able to wear high-heeled boots!”

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5. Laura K, fun and comfort.

“I work at a print magazine and creative agency and I have LOTS of freedom when it comes to outfits. My style uniform is fun meets comfort. My Palladium boots are a staple right now because they are comfy AF and I love vintage fun sweatshirts."


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6. Beth, black pants and a cardigan.

“I've just left an industry where I had to wear a uniform for seven years. Boring, but it made getting dressed easy! I went shopping for my new job and found my new uniform pretty much straight away: black pants or jeans /t-shirt /blazer or cardigan. Then heels or flats depending on the day. It's so much easier when everything matches together!”

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7. Lucinda, seasonal selection.

“During winter and when I am not at work it’s jeans with boots and a top (almost always tucked in to give me shape). I add a blazer or denim jacket if it's cold (I live in central Queensland). For winter at work it’s pants (usually black) - straight or wide legged - with a top and blazer. If it's really cold, then I add tights and boots under the dress.

“During summer when I am not at work it’s denim shorts or a skirt and a top, or a cotton/linen dress - if I can find one that fits and works with my pear shape. 

“For summer when I’m at work it’s culottes and cotton/linen tops. I prefer it if they are mainly sleeveless, and always tucked in and worn with sandals.”

8. Marayke, jeans and a nice top.

“I always start with jeans - flared or bootleg work for my body type and I might have changed the colour or shade over the years. I love blazers or more casual pleather jackets and I also add a decorative top, long enough to cover my bum!”

9. Annie, activewear and sneakers.

“I’m all about comfort. Activewear is my daily go-to and on a rare evening out or an event with or without the kids I wear sneakers with everything!”

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10. Emily, colourful clothes always with earrings!

“The reality of my uniform lately is a little depressing given it was maternity wear and is now black leggings with either a t-shirt or a sweatshirt! Definitely jeans, sweatshirt, sneakers and statement earrings. Then the same but with a t-shirt! A bright print/clashing print/novelty print dress with either sandals or sneakers and statement earrings is another."


“My going-out staple would almost always be a mini shift/swing dress with block heeled ankle boots or sandals. So, in conclusion, I have many different uniforms but they always involve earrings!”

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11. Alana, it’s all about the wedge.

“I love my low-rise Guess skinny jeans worn with a belt. Add an open toe wedge in summer and a closed one for winter. Predictable.”

12. Nicole, activewear.

“I live in activewear. It's a special occasion if I wear anything else! The reasons are comfort and practicality. I find all other clothes super uncomfortable and often highly impractical as well.”

13. Yaël, patterned dresses or black pants.

“I am a teacher and I wear dresses and skirts in summer, often wrap and A-line with flowers or interesting designs. 

“In winter it’s all about black pants with a t-shirt or shirt and a long cardigan. I’m contemplating a blazer but haven’t gone there yet.”

Which outfit is your favourite? Or do you have a style uniform all of your own? Tell us in the comments below!

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