You might not know it, but Eminem has three daughters. Here's where they are now.

So here’s a fact that might rock your weekend: rapper and singer Marshall Mathers (Eminem) doesn’t just have one daughter. He has three.

We’ve heard a lot about eldest daughter Hailie’s upbringing in songs like Mockingbird and Hailie’s Song. We’re also relatively familiar with Mather’s troubled relationship with ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott. But what fans have seldom heard about is the two adopted daughters that changed Eminem’s life.

Unless you’re a die-hard Eminem fanatic, chances are the names Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers aren’t familiar.

Here’s everything you need to know about the girls who grew up with one of the world’s best-selling artists as a dad, and, reportedly, once received matching $375,000 diamond necklaces for Christmas.

Hailie Jade Scott

Hailie has the most public persona of Eminem’s daughters.

She’s also Eminem’s only biological daughter and was born on Christmas Day in 1995, making her 22.

In 2014 Hailie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Michigan’s Chippewa Valley High School and paid tribute to her parents.

“My mother and father are because they have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have,” E!News reports she said in an end of school newsletter.

It’s believed the millennial is now studying at Michigan State University.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Born under the name Amanda in 1993 to Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott – who died of drug abuse in 2016 – Alaina Marie was legally adopted by Eminem in the 2000s, although it’s unclear precisely when this happened. Her name was legally changed during the adoption process.

Alaina was occasionally referenced in Eminem’s work; in Mockingbird the rapper referred to Alaina and Hailie sisters. She is often called ‘Lainey’ in lyrics.


While Alaina’s life today is very private, it’s believed she is a student at Oakland University and lives on her own.

Alaina and Whitney Mathers (Image: Twitter)

Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney was born in 2002 to Kim and her tattoo artist ex-partner Eric Hartter, but Eminem has full custody of the teenager due to her biological father's drug and legal issues.

Not much is known about her - she's only 15 but likes to colour her hair every shade of the rainbow. The rapper briefly mentions her in his songs ‘Going Through Changes’ and ‘When I’m Gone’.

Were you aware that Eminem had three daughters or were you just as surprised as us? Tell us in a comment. 

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