Eminem's daughter Hailie is all grown up and we feel about 100 years old.

We’d like to say we spend our free time on noble or otherwise worthwhile pursuits, but honestly, a good chunk of it is spent stalking celebrities through their Instagram accounts.

Which is where we found Hailie Scott, who you might remember as the adorable daughter of Eminem. You know, the one the rapper used to sing about in songs like Hailie’s Song and Mockingbird.

Well, in news that is sure to make anyone who has memories of the image below feel about 100 years old, Hailie is now 22 and well-and-truly grown up.

hailie scott
Wasn't this like yesterday? (Image via WENN.)

Hailie, who celebrated her 22nd birthday on Christmas Day, has been keeping a low(-ish) profile, but has posted just enough selfies for us to note that she's definitely not a little girl anymore. (And um, we'd also like to point out she has some rather impressive abs.)

Mondays ????

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Enimem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, has done his best to keep Hailie, along with his daughters Alaina, 24, and Whitney, 15 (both of whom he is the guardian, but not the biological father of) out of the spotlight.

So maybe that explains why we feel like Hailie went from eight to 22 years old overnight.

Eminem, 45, has previously spoken about how Hailie became the "driving force" for his success after her birth as he needed to ensure he was able to provide for her.

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By all accounts, he and her mum Kimberly Anne Scott have done a great job of providing her with a pretty normal childhood and perspective on life. According to ET Online, Hailie is a university student, and studies at Michigan State University.

So as sweet as it would be, we probably won't see a father-daughter rap anytime soon.

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