Why everyone is talking about Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

You don't get a much more beloved couple than Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

The couple, who met in 2008 before getting married two years later and welcoming two daughters, have become the Hollywood version of ultimate couple goals.

But alert the proper authorities (aka the group chat) because they're getting a divorce!!!

In fact, Krasinski asked The Devil Wears Prada actor for said 'divorce' on the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet this week!

Well... this is what TikTok is spinning.

A conversation between the married couple was captured on the red carpet and lip readers have *deduced* that Krasinski was caught saying, "I can't wait to divorce" to his wife, as she laughed merrily back, before he added a stern, "I'm serious." 

Er, okay.

Take a look at the clip going viral from TikTok account Kyle Marisa Roth.

@thekylemarisa #greenscreenvideo JIM HALPERN #goldenglobes #goldenglobes2024 #divorce #johnkrasinski #emilyblunt #theoffice #oppenheimer #oppenheimermovie ♬ original sound - KYLE MARISA ROTH

Firstly, if he actually did say this, it's not a reach to assume this was a joke, given his reputation as a funny guy, as a bit of a silly goose.

Maybe this is a 'bit' that the couple share.

"Let's get a divorce, Em!"

"Not if I divorce you first, Johnny!"

Classic banter.

But more crucially, if you focus on the way his mouth shapes around the words he's allegedly said, it's within the realm of possibilities that the actor said... something else entirely. 


In the comments, the most popular response was that Krasinski simply said, “I can’t wait to get through this”, a much more normal thing to say on the red carpet to one's wife, as paparazzi clammer for photos of the celebrity pair.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the 81st Golden Globe Awards. Image: Getty. 

This is especially likely to be the case considering that, whenever Krasinski is asked about Blunt in interviews, he can't do anything but blabber about how lucky he is to have her as his wife.


"I wouldn’t be anywhere in my life without her," he said in a 2022 interview with Parade.

"I’m living a lottery-ticket life. My wife is my hero in every single way. Truly, every single day I'm blown away by her, so I'm always looking to her for inspiration."

Whatever the actor said at the Golden Globes, the speculation was likely spurred on by the Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift gossip sesh, which provided a catalyst for randoms online to consider themselves qualified lip readers.

One commenter joked on the Krasinski video that he sounded like he said, "I asked Timothée [Chalamet] for a picture and Kylie [Jenner] said no," which is the quote online commenters presume Selena muttered at the Golden Globes.

Selena has since come out to clarify that she merely "told Taylor about two of my friends who hooked up". However, an *actual* lip reader claims the 'Bad Liar' singer was talking about Chalamet, alleging she said, "He didn't want a picture with me. He said no."

Hopefully for us pop culture fans who love messy drama, there will be more misquoting celebrities to come this awards season. The calendars of the actual lip readers out there are filling up fast. 

Feature image: Getty/TikTok/@thekylemarisa.

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