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Mitch and Ella married on MAFS 2022. Here's what they've both been up to since.

Married At First Sight alum Ella May Ding has announced she is engaged.

Since January 2023, she has been dating her 'normi' boyfriend Guy Palermo.

"Normi and I have known each other for about six years. We have been friends for a really long time and we did actually date... but the timing was never in our favour," she said in an Instagram Q&A.

They live together and recently got a (super cute) dog named Yuki.

This week the couple shared a video on Instagram showing Guy getting down on one knee and proposing during their morning run.


Ella quickly became one of the breakout stars of MAFS' very dramatic ninth season.

While she and her MAFS husband Mitch Eynaud did not end on a good note, which spilled into some social media mud slinging after the season aired, Ella said last year that they had made amends, although they hadn't seen or spoken to each other in a "pretty long time".

She now hosts podcast Sit With Us with her bestie and MAFS co-star Domenica Calarco, and in 2023 took on narration duties on Stan's reality dating series Love Triangle.

Ella also had a short stint on British reality show Made in Chelsea in 2022.

She and cast member Miles Nazaire hit it off via social media in May 2022. Ella flew to London and her time there was featured on the show, but after their relationship failed to take off in real life (or... on reality TV), she returned to Australia.

"[Miles] kind of manipulated me in ways and persuaded me to come on the show," she told the Daily Mail in October 2023. "I said to him, 'I didn't want to go on the show, I didn't need the show, I just want to meet you.' And he was like, "It's just reality. It's fine.'"

She said she was shocked by how unreal the 'reality show' was.

"It was just not reality. It's like a set — action, cut, lines — I would say something, they would make me say it again... They would have someone who remembered my lines. It's like a movie."


Speaking of another dramatic show... Married At First Sight is, apparently, a family affair.

Among the contestants featured in this year's 11th season (I know!) is Jayden Eynaud, a kickboxer from the Gold Coast... who also happens to be the brother of Mitch.

Watch the trailer for the latest season of MAFS. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 9.

So of course, Mitch made a reappearance on the show at his brother's wedding day, giving Jayden advice for building a relationship with his match Eden (which boiled down to 'do exactly the opposite of what I did'), and reminiscing about his own TV marriage.

Mitch was paired with Ella May Ding during the 2022 season, but quickly became a pretty controversial part of the cast. While he and Ella had a strong start, their time on the show was pretty rocky: mostly because Mitch seemed really keen to leave.

To cut a long story short: they made it to the Final Vows, broke up, got back together in time for the reunion, and then broke up again afterwards.

During his appearance at Jayden's wedding Mitch remembered his own a few years earlier.

"I remember my wedding like it was yesterday," he said. "It takes me back to Ella, it takes me back to the experiment..."


Ella subsequently responded, telling the Daily Mail she's skeptical, to say the least.

"Unfortunately I don't necessarily buy it. I think he'd regret parts of the experiment but I think because he broke a lot of trust it's hard to believe that," she said.

"It just seemed a little too perfectly said to me, maybe I'm holding onto resentment, who knows."

As for Mitch, he was embroiled in some messy drama at the end of his Married At First Sight season.

After the experiment, Mitch was spotted with fellow cast mate Tamara numerous times, although they denied they were dating with Tamara stating on Instagram they were just "really good friends".

Since then, his socials haven't given too much away.

Basically, he looks a selfie and like his brother, enjoys a bit of boxing.

In April 2023 he won in a boxing match against former NRL player Delroy Berryman.


Then Mitch popped up on MAFS again, this time at the fake wedding of his brother Jayden and his match Eden.

As shown in the episode, the experience makes him reminisce on his own time on the show and he expressed regret over how he handled it.

"I didn't trust the experiment and obviously looking back at it now, I wish I did trust it a little bit more. It was very difficult for me to open up and be myself and that's something I regret," he said.

He elaborated to 9Entertainment, saying he was "very hesitant".

"I didn't believe in the experts and that's sort of where my regrets come from," he said. "I didn't give it my all, so maybe that hindered my relationship throughout the experiment."

This article was originally posted February 2, 2024, and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: Instagram @ellamayding.

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