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'I was going to take this to the grave...' What the MAFS 2022 cast is doing now.

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It's been a long road for the season nine cast of Married At First Sight Australia.  

We met 22 new brides and grooms in 2022 who were on the hunt to find love and 18 months on, it looks like most of them have.

It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable seasons to come out of the series, with cheating scandals, wine-fuelled arguments and some legally and ethically dubious photo-sharing antics.

And now, one of the season's most divisive players – Carolina Santos – has confessed to a hookup with a groom from another season that we did not see coming! 

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From cheeky meetups to new babies, relationships and exciting adventures, here's what the most memorable cast members from Married At First Sight Australia 2022 have been up to lately.

Carolina Santos

Carolina certainly was memorable – revealing her 'secret' relationship with Daniel Holmes, who had earlier left the show after splitting from his on-screen wife during the show's final commitment ceremony. This was all despite the fact that Carolina was still technically fake-married to her on-screen husband, Dion Giannarelli.


But while Carolina and Daniel didn't last, it's the reality star's recent admission about her proximity to season 10 groom, Duncan James, that's caught fans' attention. 

Image: Instagram.


In March, the pair were photographed looking rather cozy in Sydney.

At the time, she denied anything happened between the pair (Duncan, FYI, was married to Alyssa Barmonde during the 2023 season, and is now dating their fellow contestant, Evelyn Ellis).

But in an interview with the Back to Reality podcast in August, she changed her story.

"I was literally going to take this to the grave but ... oh f**k," Santos said. "It was Duncan.

"He messaged me like 'Where you at?' and I'm like 'Oh I'm at this gay club' and then he was like 'Okay I'm coming,'" she elaborated.

When the photos came out, Duncan denied they had hooked up, so Carolina said she "just went with it".

"I was literally going to take it to the grave. It was nothing, we were both single and it wasn't a big deal."

In May, Carolina told Yahoo! Lifestyle that she would "one hundred per cent" go back on MAFS if given a second chance.

But... not for love.

"Knowing what I know now, I would probably pretend that I'm in love and head over heels for my match, no matter who the hell they give me... I would play the victim. I would literally play the victim."

She then said the not-so-quiet part very much out loud.

"Why would you go there for love? I think everyone wants to find love and they're like, 'If I find it, how cute would it be to find love on TV?' But if you don't, that's not the main reason people go on MAFS, no matter what they say."


Olivia Frazer

Say whatever you want about Olivia, but she is undoubtedly one of the most memorable cast members from Married At First Sight.

That's one of the reasons the reality star packed up her life in Australia and moved to Scotland. 

Image: Instagram @olivefrazer.


Olivia had an interesting experience on MAFS, claiming her story was clipped, edited and put back together again to tell a completely new one that painted her in a negative light. 

"I thought going on Married at First Sight would be a cool adventure. And then I could go on with the rest of my life. It's not the case. It's been very detrimental to moving on," she previously told Mia Freedman on No Filter.

"I don't know how I go about the rest of my professional career. My dream was always to be a teacher and stand in front of a classroom full of kids and be a helpful mentor to them. I feel like now I can't, and now it's my worst nightmare... It's terrifying right now."

Olivia went on to say she was terrified of leaving her home alone. 

"My partner [MAFS husband Jackson Lonie, from whom she has since split] has to go grocery shopping with me. When I was working, I was working from home. It's just terrifying," she says. 

"And when I have gone out, I've had very few positive experiences with the public. And many awful ones. Too many to count."

More than 18 months after her MAFS journey ended, the reality star moved to Scotland.

"There's a lot more work opportunities and the people are more forgiving," she said at the time. "It's easier to move on whereas in Australia people hold you to your edit forever."


However, in August 2023, two months after moving, she shared that she was returning to Australia after being duped by a man who had a girlfriend.

She told Yahoo! Lifestyle she travelled to a remote Scottish town, Fort William, to be with a guy she met last December and spoken to almost every day since.

After being reunited, Olivia sensed something wasn't right and was later told by a woman in a pub that he had a girlfriend – and had throughout the entire time they had been seeing each other. Ouch.

Olivia now plans to return to Australia. 

"Part of me is embarrassed to be coming home after all of the articles made such a big deal out of me moving to the UK, but I'm proud of myself for at least giving it a go, being vulnerable and open to finding love again. I just know next time I meet someone not to be so blinded by how much I want it to work," she said.

"I wasn't going to share this publicly, but I think it's important to remind other girls not to ignore red flags from the start because you so desperately want it to work with someone. I feel like I've been completely scammed and made a fool out of."

Olivia lived in the UK for four years before she returned to Australia to care for her late father who, at the time, had cancer.

"I don't think there was ever really a discussion, it was just as a family unit it was what needed to be done," she previously explained.


Listen to Olivia Frazer on No Filter. Post continues below. 

Domenica Calarco

Domenica, alongside her MAFS star bestie Ella Ding, was arguably one of the most successful participants to walk away from the show. 

Despite not finding love with her reality show husband Jack Millar, she's found love again, confessing to Listnr Radio earlier this month that she's dating her ex-husband's friend. 

Image: Instagram @domenica.calarco.


"It’s actually a very complicated story. We've actually known each other for a very, very long time," she shared.

"He was actually friends with my ex-husband which some people might find as controversial but I think if you find love, you take love."

Dom revealed they connected during COVID, but went their separate ways. Shortly after, she appeared on Married At First Sight. 

"At the time, it wasn’t the right timing for him and I to be in a proper relationship so I went on my MAFS journey," she explained. "And funnily enough, his name is Jack and I married a Jack on MAFS."

Since leaving the show, the reality star has launched her own podcast with Ella called Sit With Us and they just did a joint collaboration with sex toy company Vush creating their own multi-use twist vibrator. 

Image: Instagram @domenica.calarco.


Selin Mengu

Selin had a short but turbulent ride on Married At First Sight, telling Mamamia that becoming a celebrity overnight was "an eye-opening" experience. 

"You meet some wonderful people and get great opportunities... However on the flip-side you realise how people can judge when they don’t know you… The beauty of it is though true colours will always shine brighter."

Selin says she's been able to spend even more time with her four-year-old son Roman since appearing on the show. 

"I have and always will prioritise my son," she shares. "The ability to be able to spend more time with him has been amazing. Taking him to soccer practice, swimming lessons and exploring the world with him has been a dream. Then personally, I’ve been investing in properties. 


"I’m a single mum, so I'm future proofing for my little family — and grateful I’m able to do so."

Image: Instagram @selinmengu_.

The MAFS star didn't keep up with season 10, telling Mamamia "the show doesn't define you."

"The producers do a great job of shaping you from the hours of footage they have," she explains.


Since wrapping up the show, Selin's priorities haven't changed, telling Mamamia, "My [idea of success] is to be happy, healthy and to cater to all my son’s and my needs."

Selina Chhaur

Selina made it all the way to Final Vows with her on-screen partner Cody Bromley, but the relationship did not work outside of the MAFS experiment. 

Now 18 months later, the reality star is leading a successful career on social media as a beauty and lifestyle content creator. 

Image: Instagram @selina_chhaur.


She tells Mamamia it's been a passion she's had even before she jumped on to Married At First Sight. 

"To be honest, I was already doing beauty content before MAFS for my clients at the salon," she shares. "It’s nice knowing my content provides the viewers something of value to them so they can also live their best lives and feel more confident in their skin as I’ve learnt to do."

Viewers at home fell in love with Selina as she shared her experience of being the only Cambodian-Chinese bride in the cast. The reality star said she feels "lucky" with the support she's received following her stint on the show.

"It was really surreal being known and recognised in a certain light," she says. "I’m just very lucky everyone’s been very kind and supportive towards me when they have seen me out in public. I am forever grateful."

The former MAFS bride also told Mamamia she's since jumped back on Hinge to find love.

"I've shared a lot of this experience on TikTok and Instagram," she says. "All I can say for now is I'm the happiest I've ever been and I can't seem to get this cheesy smile off my face."


Dating in your 30+ be like …

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Anthony Cincotta

Image: Supplied.


Anthony was a popular groom on Married At First Sight. While it didn't work out between him and his bride, Selin Mengu, he did share with followers he found love again in April 2022, with a woman named Kate. 

"He was in a bit of a bad way and they found each other after filming the show," a source told The Daily Mail at the time. "Kate and his 11-year-old daughter Gabriella are besties and he's been moved into the third wheel position."

And in May, the pair welcomed their first child together, Milan Anthony Cincotta. 


In a conversation with Mamamia, he shared what it was like having another newborn in the house after 11 years. 

"It’s hard to believe, but we blame our trip to Italy (hence the baby’s name, Milan)," he explained. "We’re very lucky and very in love with the little guy. Gabby is also a great big sister, too."

Image: Supplied.

"It feels great to be a dad again after all these years," he continued. "We actually got a puppy dog a few months before Milo was born, so we were battle hardened by the time he arrived."


Almost two years on since he first joined the MAFS experiment, Anthony still feels like his old self. 

"A lot of the time people want to ask me questions but say they don’t want to bother me, but I appreciate I was lucky enough to be part of such an incredible journey, and they shared it with me… so I encourage people to ask away," he shared. "I still feel like my regular old daggy self."

As for what he's been up to, Anthony says he will be maintaining his pro-wrestling career for as long as possible. 

"I just finished a year-long run as the National Champion for the Professional Championship Wrestling in Victoria and I am still absolutely loving it," he tells Mamamia. "They'll probably have to drag me out of the ring when I am 60."

The reality star is also a Polished Man ambassador, an Australian campaign to prevent violence against women and children.

Image: Supplied.


Jack Millar

Australia was obsessed with Jack from the moment we met him on MAFS 2022. While he and Dom chose to stay together at Final Vows, the pair went their separate ways once the cameras stopped rolling. 

And it looks like it was for the best because in July 2022, the reality star moved on with Love Island Australia alum Courtney Stubbs. 

In May, the pair announced they're expecting a baby in November 2023. Five months out from the due date, they also shared the sex of their baby.

Jack and Courtney took to their combined 400,000 Instagram followers to share the big news.

"What was our little secret, is now yours," they captioned the video, before revealing their firstborn will be a little girl.


Courtney is currently 24 weeks pregnant, with Jack telling Mamamia they're excitedly preparing for their first child together. 

"Preparing the baby room is our next big step," he shares. "Basically getting everything together [and] sorting how life looks like with an extra room that's purely dedicated towards baby."

"There's always that nervous energy: is now the right time, is ever the right time?" he continues. "But one of the conversations that happened very early on with Courts was asking, 'Is there ever a right time?'" 


Image: Instagram @jackmillar.

Becoming a person of interest, relatively overnight, was an odd experience for Jack. But now, 18 months on, he's happy to share his life online. 

"I got used to [the attention]," he said. "I personally haven't had any negativity towards anything. It's just pure adulation and excitement."


In terms of what the future looks like for Jack, he tells Mamamia while most of his attention will be on baby Stubbs-Millar, there is, perhaps, some new TV projects coming up. 

"I'll put it this way, there is a zero chance you'll ever see me on a dating show," he confesses, when asked what we will be watching him on next. "I said even before [I met] Courtney, 'Gosh I couldn't do that again. It's too hectic'."

Jackson Lonie 

Jackson had the ultimate love story with his bride Olivia Frazer on Married At First Sight Australia 2022. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing for the couple the entire time, but the pair left Final Vows hand in hand and dated for 10 months following the show. 

And 18 months later, dating rumours have surrounded Jackson, but he jokes he's "unfortunately" still single. 

Image: Instagram @jacklonie1.


"[There's] unfortunately no love interest," he tells Mamamia. "I'm definitely still looking but just haven’t found her yet."

Since leaving the show, the reality star has built an undefeated reputation as a boxer, after going up against fellow MAFS star Sam Carraro in 2022.

"I’ve had a lot of exciting projects from doing my first boxing match with Team Ellis where I was able to give back to the community by giving my winnings to Coast Shelter [a non-profit organisation supporting homeless youth, women and children]," he shares. 

"I’ve also got my second fight coming up on August 19."

Feature Image: Instagram @olivefrazer, @anthonycincotta_.

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