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Where to follow the MAFS cast on Instagram, so everyone can do a little snooping.

Love is truly in the air as the latest season of Married At Frist Sight gears up for another exciting series.

In case you've not heard, our soon-to-be television stars have been busy tying the knot across Sydney over the past few weeks.

We've heard on the grapevine that this season is promising to be the most diverse yet. From nutritionists to personal trainers, to a same-sex couple, we simply can't wait to see what the drama unfold with these newly married strangers. 

Video via Channel Nine.

So in case you're like us and want to do a little digging, here's an entire list of all the rumoured casts and their Instagrams:

MAFS Instagram 2024: Lauren Dunn.

Image: Instagram.


Lauren Dunn is rumoured to have joined the cast. The Perth local currently works in public relations as well as managing her own food blog. If you're interested in checking her out, you can do that here.

MAFS Instagram 2024: Tori Adams.

Image: LinkedIn.


According to her LinkedIn profile, Tori is a development manager from Melbourne. If you're interested in doing a little snooping, you can find her here.

MAFS Instagram 2024: Sara Mesa.

Image: Instagram.Sara Mesa is a nutrition and fitness coach from Sydney. If you want to check out what Sara gets up to in her free time, you can do that here. 

MAFS Instagram 2024: Eden Harper.


Rumoured contestant Eden Harper works on the Gold Coast and you can follow her here. 


Cassandra Allen is also from the sunny state of Queensland, where she works as both a model and a fashion Influencer on the Gold Coast. If you want to check out the kind of content Cassandra creates, you can find her here.

MAFS Instagram 2024: Jayden Eynaud.


After older brother Mitch Eynaud made his mark on the reality show, younger brother and professional kickboxer Jayden Eynaud is ready to give the dating show a crack. 

If you want to do some snooping, check out what Jayden gets up to here. 

MAFS Instagram 2024: Ben Walters.

Image: Instagram

After being knocked back from The Bachelors upcoming season, Ben Walters is rumoured to have joined the MAFS cast. Ben runs his own travel podcast, if that sounds like something you're into, you can check him out here.


MAFS Instragram 2024: Jack Dunkley.

Image: Goodlife Health Club.

Jack Dunkley is a personal trainer from Queensland, although unconfirmed, the athletic male has been rumoured to be one heartthrob looking for love.

If you're interested in checking out what Jack gets up to in his free time, you can do that here.

Although many of the stars are still currently on private, we anticipate things will change in the coming weeks as we near the show's premiere.

Check back in to stay up to date with all the Married At First Sight drama as it unfolds.

Image: Instagram.

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