Oops: Married at First Sight fans spotted a major editing fail during the dinner party.

It’s no surprise that reality TV shows are heavily edited.

Misdirection and surprises are the hallmarks of good, ratings-worthy TV. And it being named ‘reality’ TV doesn’t change that.

But, on occasions, the producers of such shows underestimate their audience. And on Wednesday night, as viewers watched Married at First Sight from the comfort of their living rooms, they realised: they’d almost been had.

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It was this season’s second dinner party and Channel Nine filled it with drama – mostly calling upon one of the show’s so-called “villains”, Davina Rankin from Brisbane.

It was Rankin, too, who accidentally gave away the producers’ botched editing job. The show ended with her excitedly exclaiming “Oh my god, is this dessert!” referring to a platter of colourful cupcakes.

But viewers on social media were quick to point out: Rankin had been eating the same very cupcakes several scenes before. And, as she did so, she was surrounded by empty cupcake wrappers from other contestants.


The timeline had been messed with.

Similar to the way Rankin was messing with fellow contestant Tracey Jewel throughout the dinner. Jewel, a single mother from Perth, is ‘married’ to Dean Wells from Sydney and confessed to Rankin she is unsure if he will renew his vows at the upcoming commitment ceremony.

“I am going to give you a word of advice from one woman to another woman,” Rankin told Jewel, ever the girl-power, team-player, support sister. “Just look after you 100 per cent no matter what.”

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One problem: Rankin is carrying on a secret romance with Wells, exchanging flirty text messages and secret dates.

Cupcakes and traitorous conversations, this show delivers. 

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