18 reasons Nasser from MAFS is the best thing to happen to reality TV.


Guys, we need to talk about the glorious creature that is Nasser from Married At First Sight.

We… we… don’t deserve him.

He’s perfect.

He loves Gab and he loves all of us and he just wants to sit in the corner and gossip with Sarah and SAME.

He got upset when Dean played Tracey and Davina and he thinks his wife is SUPER HOT and he’s not afraid to say it.

LISTEN: The Twins discuss Nasser and his wife Gab, who seem like they’ve been together for perhaps decades. Post continues after audio…

Here are all the reasons Nasser is the best thing to ever happen to reality TV (sans Sara-Marie from the first season of Big Brother):

    1. He believes in all us unconditionally. ALL OF US.
    2. He described himself as “very attractive” and then gave himself a rating of 7 out of 10.
    3. All of his friends are silver foxes and we need a spin-off show about that group of middle-aged men pls.
    4. He was very happy about his wedding shoes and made sure the wedding celebrant liked them too.
    5. He was so excited when Gab walked down the aisle, he yelled out “DO YOU LIKE THE BEACH I ONCE LIVED IN BALI”.
    6. He was even more excited when they exchanged vows.
    7. He nearly peed himself with excitement when he got to kiss her.
    8. He carried Gab in the pool so she wouldn’t get her hair wet.
    9. They went snorkeling and he was so kind when Gab said she didn’t want to get her hair wet while snorkeling.
    10. When Gab revealed she had Alopecia he did not care for one second because he loves her unconditionally.
    11. When he went to the first dinner party he sat in between all the girls and told the guys they should be jealous. Which they should be because he is the best thing to ever happen to reality TV.
    12. Later at the dinner party he started gossiping with Sarah and told her they were going to be the group gossips.
    13. Then he told Gab he loved her but he had to get back to his gossiping because it’s a very important job and someone has to do it.
    14. During his “yes week” he took Gab to an acting class because he knew she’d love it.
    15. At this week’s commitment ceremony he let slip that he LOVES Gab because he bloody does.
    16. When the whole Davina/Dean/Tracey love triangle was revealed he was “upset” because he has morals and “respect for all these beautiful women”.
    17. Then he turned MAFS into an episode of Jerry Springer by loudly yelling, “HE’S PLAYED YOU AND HE’S PLAYED HER” and honestly it was the best episode of Jerry Springer I’ve ever watched… and I’ve watched approx 284389493 of them.
    18. Finally, his face whenever he talks about Gab… or his wedding shoes.

Listen to Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on all the biggest talking points from last night’s MAFS.

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