Tracey details what happened when she slept with Dean after the MAFS dinner party.

One night, Dean was sitting on a couch with Davina, plotting the destruction of two innocent people’s lives while holding hands and caressing each other’s thighs.

Less than 24 hours later, Dean was sitting on a couch next to his “wife” Tracey, declaring his undying affection for her and revealing that his flirtation with Davina had all been a terrible mistake and could they please just go back to the happier times when they were married within the first five seconds of meeting?

Watch Tracey and Dean discuss their “intimate” night after the dinner party in the video below:

Video via Channel 9

Dean’s change of heart was… confusing, to say the least. But according to Kyle and Jackie O, there’s a clear reason why Dean chose to stay with Tracey after all of the drama.

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Obviously, Tracey has some sort of ~~magical sex powers~~ that somehow convinced Dean to ditch the girl he’d just spent a whole night declaring his feelings for.

Tracey angry MAFS
Tracey, possessor of magical sex powers, obviously. Image via Channel 9.

While interviewing Tracey on this morning's breakfast show, Kyle and Jackie O remarked that Tracey must have a few "tricks" up her sleeve.

"That must have been one hell of a sex session," Kyle remarked.

"He went from being infatuated with [Davina], and then going home with you... I don't know what tricks you've got but you need to run us through it right now."

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But, according to Tracey, despite her backstory on the show declaring she has "sexual superpowers", she has no idea what she did to make Dean change his mind.

"At the dinner party I had had quite a few drinks, so.... maybe I get better after a few drinks?" she laughed.

Speaking to the camera about his changed feelings towards Tracey on last night's Married At First Sight episode, Dean described the pair's "intimate moment" after the dinner party as "intense".

Davina MAFs
"If Dean says INTIMATE one more time..." Image via Channel 9.

"I hate to say it, maybe the experts are kinda onto something," he said (to which we want to scream "BUT WHAT ABOUT JO AND SEAN?!").

"She's actually a really cool girl and maybe there's something there," he added, despite telling Davina only hours earlier that Tracey's looks were "not her best quality".

Tracey also shared exactly what she thought about Davina after discovering the 'secret affair' between her and her husband.

"At that moment I didn't really understand who did what, and who instigated what," she told Kyle and Jackie O when asked about her feelings towards her fellow bride.

"But now watching it back and knowing how much she beelined for Dean, I have to say there's a little bit of karma involved here.

"That's just breaking the girl code, isn't it? It was unnecessary."

Tracey wouldn't reveal the current status of her and Dean's relationship (because, contracts and ratings and secrecy and all that) but said "you never know with Dean what you're going to get."

Consider us intrigued.

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