Daily WOW: Internal Vagina Casting (SFW)

For the discerning art collector, here’s something you probably don’t have at home on your mantlepiece: a cast of the inside of a vagina. What? You do? How progressive. Well done you. For the rest of us, this post is a bit of a trip.

Earlier this year in one of our more popular yet mind-blowing posts, we told you about the Great Wall Of Vagina*. You can see it here (pretty SFW) but the idea is that an artist decided to make a statement about the different shapes and sizes of female genetalia in response to the current boom in genital plastic surgery for women who are telling doctors they are self conscious of the way their vaginas look (yes, we do know the anatomically correct term is vulva but we’re going with the more widely used and understood term: vagina).

*(I believe something similar is being exhibited at the MONA gallery in Tasmania if you want to see it up close and personal)

But for the artist, Jamie McCartney, that was not enough. He has now gone…deeper (sorry).

According to TrendHunter, Internal Vagina Casting involves an intimate mould with some imaginative application techniques:

Jamie McCartney is the only artist in the world offering an internal vaginal casting service.

During the project’s early days, McCartney used his knowledge of sculpture and advice from a doctor who’d been making vaginal molds as part of her research into ethnic differences in genital structure. To refine the technique, he and his willing girlfriend embarked on a journey to create 3D casts which reveal the mysteries of a woman’s vagina.

The process is kept a secret, but according to the artist, it involves the same material that dentists use to cast teeth—a goo which sets into rubber within a few minutes. “As for how I get it in and out of the vagina – well, you’ll have to use your imagination, but it isn’t rocket science! To get a good result it’s important the model is relaxed and feeling sexy, so she’ll need to spend time alone or with her partner, ‘preparing’.”

Oh, and if you’re keen to do it yourself you can buy the kit for around $60. This is terrific news for everyone who had some blank spaces on their Christmas list.

Would you do it? Would you be interested to see what one looks like?