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Everything we know about the rumoured "glassing incident" during the MAFS reunion special.



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It sounds like this season of Married At First Sight is going to get even more dramatic… if that’s even possible.

Earlier this month, radio host Grant Denyer claimed that there was a “glassing incident” during the reunion special of the reality show.

According to the radio host, crew members were forced to intervene when a fight broke out between Cyrell and another bride.

But now it seems there may be some truth behind the rumour after all.

Speaking to Grant Denyer on air on Wednesday, Cyrell’s on-screen ‘husband’ Nic responded to the claims.

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“My sources told me [about the glassing incident] and I have very reliable sources,” Grant said.

“We know it’s true because I know people who were there,” he added.


“[It’s] not quite an actual glassing,” Nic responded. “But, yeah, some intense stuff happened that’s for sure.”

Although Grant and his co-host Ed Kavalee pressed Nic on whether Cyrell was involved, Nic refused to name names.

“The conjecture is that we know a crew member had to step in, right? Because Cyrell lunged at Ines?” Ed asked Nic.

“I’m not going to say who lunged at who, but you can imagine there was a ‘Cyclone’ involved,” he said.

Yep, we all know what that means.


Speaking on 2DayFM’s Ash, Grant and Ed earlier this month, Grant shared intel he received about the reunion special from someone who was “part of the program”.

“They all hate each other so much more now… so it kicks off next level,” Denyer said.

“There is a major fight, a physical fight, a girl fight,” he continued.

Although Denyer said he was told that Cyrell was involved in the dramatic argument, he wasn’t aware of the other woman involved.

“It’s a glassing. It fires up,” he said. “So one of the contestants walks over and pours a full glass of alcohol on top of another person’s head, then the glass in hand is smashed on the table and then she goes for the face of the person who spilt the wine.”



With just a few weeks to go, only time will tell how the dramatic reunion special will pan out.

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