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Married At First Sight's Sam just confirmed all our suspicions about his 'affair' with Ines.

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Well, well, well.

For weeks on end, Married At First Sight fans have speculated whether Sam and Ines’ ‘affair’ on the show was entirely scripted.

And now it seems our suspicions were right all along.

In a resurfaced Instagram comment, it turns out former MAFS contestant Sam has actually confirmed that the cheating scandal wasn’t genuine.

And at this point, we’re really not surprised.

Responding to a fan that joked that Sam should “go for a check-up” after his affair with Ines, the reality star wrote: “Sorry, this is TV. [The affair] didn’t happen.”

“If you notice Ines’ change of apparel in the edit, night and morning, that will be a good reference point. But thank you for your concerns.”

According to Sam, it was all fake... Image: Nine.

Yep, we knew it.

Of course, there were many editing fails along the way that had us convinced Sam and Ines' cheating scandal was entirely set up by the show.

During one episode, viewers noticed that when Ines knocked on Sam's hotel room door, it was clearly room 1904. But in the next shot, when Sam opens the door, it turns out he was actually in room 1902.


But the door issue wasn't even the worst editing blunder fans spotted.

After Sam and Ines, erm, sealed the deal, Ines was seen wearing different undies.

The night before she was wearing black undies.

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit A: Ines in her black underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

The next morning she was wearing white undies.

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit B: Ines' white underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

It was suss.

We're really not surprised that it was fake all along.

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