Who was booed by the crowds, and all the other biggest moments from King Charles' coronation.

The coronation of King Charles is an event that has the nation divided. 

Some are keen to celebrate – whipping up a batch of scones and dolloping on the cream and jam. And for others, it's just another Saturday. A Saturday where we'll head off to sleep with a new King of Australia reigning over us. 

Watch the Mamamia Out Loud hosts discuss all the royal things they're not allowed to. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

For those who aren't dialling into the live stream, we've rounded up the biggest moments for you to scroll through in one handy spot.

Prince Harry seemed to sneak into the coronation.

For those watching the live stream, you would have seen royal family members wander into Westminster Abbey ready to sit down for the proceedings. We saw Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. We saw Zara Phillips. But we didn't see Harry.

Within the next minute, cameras flashed to the seating area, where Prince Harry was patiently sitting in the third row. 

It seems he snuck into the ceremony avoiding explicit TV coverage.

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Who walked behind King Charles and Queen Camilla?

Prince George showed why he is second in line to the throne, stepping up as one of King Charles’ Pages of Honour.

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Dressed in the smartest little red suit with white gloves, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ oldest son walked behind the King into Westminister Abbey.

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He was joined by three other little lads including Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, the 13-year-old son of Rose Hanbury – rumoured to be Prince Williams’ mistress.

Rounding out the troop was Ralph Tollemache – the grandson of Timothy Tollemache, the 5th Baron of Tollemache –and Nicholas Barclay, whose mum is the King’s goddaughter.Where's Prince Andrew?Prince Andrew was spotted in a car prior to the coronation – where he was booed by the crowds in London – but then was very tricky to find in the ceremony itself. It seems he was placed behind a pillar in order to hide him from the main TV coverage of the coronation.Image: Getty.How good is Prince Harry's face in this picture? STUNNIN'.Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte were matching.In rather cute news, Kate (better known now as Princess of Wales) and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, opted to wear the same diamonté headbandImage: Getty. 


There were questions surrounding why Kate (along with Princess Beatrice and Eugenie) weren't wearing tiaras – and apparently, the reason for this is because King Charles requested a more 'low-key' coronation.


For those who have eyes and have seen the pictures in this post, we're not sure Charles nailed his own brief.

The moment King Charles kinda confirmed Prince William was his favourite child.

Moments after the crown was placed on King Charles' head, Prince William stepped up to the stage to bow before his father. It was there that he pled his allegiance to the King, before kissing Charles on the cheek.

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Prince Harry was not asked to do the same – confirming in a very public way that Prince William is the fave. ...Or perhaps just reminding everyone that he's the firstborn. 


Queen Camilla smiled the whole way through her crowning. 

While King Charles remained straight-faced and stoic throughout his crowning – and if anything, a little wobbly under all those jewels – Queen Camilla was grinning during her crowning. 

I’m never going to stop sharing this just to annoy the haters. LONG LIVE QUEEN CAMILLA#Coronation


— Prince & Princess of Wales  (@TribesBritannia) May 6, 2023

It was lovely to see a giant smile amongst all the seriousness of the coronation.

Speaking of... how heavy is the crown?

Was it just us, or did that thing look weighty? Like, seriously weighty. Well, turns out it definitely is. 

The crown itself is a whopping 2.23kgs – which is the equivalent to a literal brick on your head. So no wonder Charles looked a little unstable under the weight of the crown jewels.

The reactions from the front row are brilliant.

It seems some of the coronation guests forgot that they were being filmed from every angle, as incredible shots from the front row are quickly going viral.


Especially of the moment Queen Camilla was being crowned – with Princess Charlotte, the Princess of Wales and Lady Louise just behind looking like they'd rather be anywhere else. 

King Charles and Queen Camilla have a grumpy chat in the carriage. 

On exiting the coronation ceremony, King Charles and Queen Camilla were giving a lot of faces while staring out of their carriage at the crowds cheering them on.


There was much less of the gentle waving we're so used to seeing from Queen Elizabeth II, but boy did it lead to some excellent pictures of the royal couple.

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