Yes, this is the coronation of Charles AND Camilla, and yes, she gets a crown, too.

King Charles III isn't the only one getting a fancy new crown and title at the May 6 coronation. 

His wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, is also scoring herself a shiny promotion (to match her very own shiny new crown). 

But what exactly that means for Commonwealth warrants teeny bit more explaining.

Let's grab a scone and dive on in, shall we? 

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Is Camilla queen... or queen consort?

When Charles became King of England after the death of his mum, Queen Elizabeth, in September 2022, Camilla instantly became queen consort. But with the official coronation, she's dropping the 'consort' and making her queenly status a no-strings-attached situation.

The proof is right there in the official invitation, which reads, "The Coronation of Their Majesties, King Charles III and Queen Camilla."

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 Will Camilla be queen if Charles dies? 


Not that we're thinking about the demise of the King before he's even had a chance to warm his throne, but people want answers about what the future may hold, and that's fair enough. 

Put simply, no. Camilla will never be the reigning monarch.


Because when you marry into the royal fam, you get the perks, not the power. So on the day King Charles does eventually toddle off this mortal coil, Camilla won't become the ruler of the Commonwealth, explains That job will fall to Charles' heir, William, Prince of Wales.


Even though Camilla's no longer using the 'consort' part of her old title, she's still *just* Charles' wife. Ouch.

Will Camilla's children be there to see her crowned?

Come on – would you miss the chance to see your mum crowned queen of an entire country? Of course you wouldn't, and neither would Cam's kids, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes. Her grandchildren are also playing a role in the coronation, with her three grandsons, Freddy, Gus and Louis, acting as her pages alongside their cousin, Arthur Elliot (Camilla's sister Annabel Elliot’s 10-year-old grandson).

“By including Camilla’s grandchildren, the couple will publicly demonstrate trust and affection, introducing them to the world and it also highlights the blended family dynamic of the King and Queen," royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told the New York Post.

So, do Camilla's children get titles now, too?

Just like Camilla doesn't get any reigning power transferred through her marriage to Charles, neither do her kids get any royal perks out of the deal. But while they won't get titles, this may be in part because they don't want them, Professor Judith Rowbotham told Londonworld.

"If they had really wanted to and pushed for it, they might have persuaded the now King Charles to lobby for a title," she said. 

"But that’s the last thing they wanted, either of them. I think almost certainly, we will see a lot more of them now... but not in any official capacity.”

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