"It brings me back to my childhood": 15 women on their go-to comfort food.

For many of us the start of a new year is met with the same unrealistic resolutions that come around every January, whether they be fitness, health or food-related. Get those daily 10,000 steps in, ditch the sugar, learn to run... 

But as we settle into our third year of the pandemic, and with Omicron sweeping through our states, we're finding ourselves craving comfort food - the kind of meals that are simple, satisfying, and good for the soul, all nutritional value aside.

We asked the Mamamia community to share their go-to comfort meals. From pasta to cereal, these snacks just hit different.

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"I've just discovered my new comfort food - french onion potatoes with bacon and a zesty sour cream and lemon and chive dressing. So good."

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"Frozen banana and strawberry whizzed up into an ice-cream consistency, covered in melted choc (that freezes like ice magic) and granola. It's my comfort meal because summer is my happy place, and this meal reminds me of a beach day."


"When I’m hungry and my fridge is looking empty, I always go for Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta. It is so simple to make and so delicious. I’m glad it went viral however long ago because it’s been my cheap go-to ever since!" 

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"Bread. Really good, artisan bread. Specifically, a freshly baked loaf of challah or rye sourdough with caraway seeds, with unapologetic lashings of butter. Heaven."

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"The Pom in me can't look past beans on toast with cheese."


"Not exactly a meal, but for me it’s Nutella straight out of the jar."

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"Dumplings. I always have a bunch in the freezer so whenever I feel like them (pretty much once a week), I can just grab them, chuck them in the steamer and devour with chilli sauce."


"Chargrill Charlie's wedges. It’s like they deep fry them in crack."


"Pasta. All pasta. But a ragu or bolognese with a glass of red is my OG."


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"Okay, it straight up shouldn't be a meal but I make these giant choc chip cookies and whenever my partner or I are having a rough day, they'll make an appearance. They're big enough they could be a meal."

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"I know it sounds simple but a cup of tea and Vegemite toast is my all-time favourite curled-up-on-the-lounge comfort food." 


"Cereal. Nutrigrain, specifically. I will eat it by the bowl with oat milk (I’m talking two to three bowls) when I want a comfort meal because it’s cheap and easy to put together and feels like a nostalgic dessert that brings me back to my childhood."

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"Chicken Kiev, mashed potatoes and peas."


"Tuna mornay is a quick and easy one for us - my mum used to make it when I was a kid and we’d sit in front of the TV eating it from a bowl. My kids love it now too."


"Kraft Mac n' cheese. I had two bowls this morning!"

What's your go-to comfort meal? Share it in the comments below!

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