"Hello Brother." A Christchurch victim's final act of kindness to the man who killed him.

Mamamia has chosen not to show the face of the man in custody for the Christchurch terror attack, or to include or link to any distressing material about his acts. Instead, we are dedicated to remembering the names, faces and stories of the victims.

Moments before Daoud Nabi was killed in his place of worship, he bravely welcomed the Australian-born terrorist to the mosque.

The 71-year-old had seen the terrorist’s gun, but chose not to run. Instead, he welcomed the man with open arms and the words “Hello Brother” as the killer approached the doors of the mosque.

It was his final act of bravery, before being gunned down by the terrorist.

Nabi was just one of the many men and women who bravely fought back with kindness and strength on Friday afternoon, when a 28-year-old opened fire at the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, where hundreds of people were gathered inside for their afternoon prayer.

It was an act of terror that has left 50 innocent people dead.

Nabi’s brave words were heard during the gunman’s livestream.

“The first Muslim man to die, his final words were ”hello brother”. These words were uttered by a man who symbolised Islam. He had a rifle pointed at him by a man with clear intentions to kill and how did he respond? With anger? With aggression? No, with the most gentle and sincere greeting of ”hello brother”,” wrote Aziz Helou.

“A sincere courageous and warm way to stop violence instead of fuelling it,” Helou added.

Several other users on social media also highlighted and celebrated the brave words.




Nabi was among many brave victims and survivors who stood up with kindness in the face of evil.

Another hero was Naeem Rashid, who wrestled the 28-year-old shooter to the ground during the attack, allowing many worshippers to run.

Rashid’s heroic act was also seen in the gunman’s livestream.

It is these heroes, rather than the coward who killed them, who should be remembered.

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