An affordable mascara and a cult night cream: Everything Celeste Barber puts on her face.

What I Put On My Face is Mamamia’s celebrity beauty series that takes you inside the beauty cabinets of some of Australia’s most influential women. From what skincare products they use to their go-to makeup tips, it’s a pervy look at exactly what they put on their face. And body. And hair. You get the idea. 

Here's what Aussie comedian Celeste Barber has in her beauty bag. Enjoy!

Celeste Barber is Australia's resident funny lady.

The comedian, actor and writer, known for her 'challenge accepted' videos on Instagram, has been making us (and her almost eight million followers) laugh out loud for years now. But in 2021, she's added another talent to her repertoire: beauty ambassador.

This year, Celeste became the face of affordable Aussie beauty brand MCoBeauty.

This week, Sharon Hunt sat down with Celeste on the You Beauty podcast to discuss everything she puts on her face, from her affordable favourites to her must-have splurges. And as usual, we took notes.

But first, watch Celeste share some life hacks for real people. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia

Celeste Barber's skincare routine.

Compared to most, Celeste actually has a pretty simple skincare routine. She's found the right products that do the job and she uses them night and morning.

"I've got quite dry skin so I need to hydrate every morning and night," Celeste told Sharon. "I put on Eco by Sonia Driver, her Glory Oil - that's my jam."

"I also recently discovered Go-To's oil cleanser. God, Zoe Foster Blake is clever; I really love her brand. I use that all the time," she continued.

Celeste also swears by a certain hydrating mist that's adored by many beauty experts.

"Years ago, the first time I got on a plane for work, I got some Jurlique rosewater spray. It's changed everything," she said. "I have it in every bag. I love it because it's really hydrating."


Celeste explained that she loves one specific night cream so much, she wears it during the day.

"Estée Lauder sent me some amazing night cream. It's really thick and really creamy," she said.

But when she told her Instagram followers about it, she realised she needed to wear SPF over the top too.

"I kinda, sometimes wear it during the day but then I found an excellent sunscreen," she said. "It's sensitive sunscreen and SPF 50+."

Eco by Sonia Driver Glory Oil, $49.95.

Image: Ecotan.

Go-To Fancy Face Nourishing Oil Cleanser, $45.

Image: Go-To.


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, $52.

Image: Jurlique.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Intensive Restorative Creme, $142.

Image: Myer.


We are Feel Good Inc Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+, $29.95.

Image: We Are Feel Good Inc. 

Celeste Barber's makeup routine.

Celeste keeps her makeup routine equally simple, and sticks to foundation, concealer and mascara most of the time. And not only is she no-fuss when it comes to her makeup products, she keeps them affordable too. 

For her face, she applies the new McoBeauty Miracle Hydra Glow Oil-Free Foundation (a dupe for her favourite Tom Ford foundation) and the Instant Camouflage and Contour Concealer.

"I have super dry skin and with this foundation, it's really, really hydrating," Celeste shared. "This stuff's really good because it doesn't make your skin pull or stretchy."

"And the concealer's fantastic because it's super creamy and it doesn't cake," she added.

She finishes it off with their cult-favourite (and always sold out) XtendLash Mascara.

"That mascara, it's so fantastic for a lot of reasons," she said. "It's amazing because it coats each lash and it doesn't give you panda eyes. It really doesn't."

"And it makes your lashes kind of hit the top of your eyes. It's such a fantastic product," she said.

If she's feeling a little fancy, she'll add some eyeshadow from her favourite high-end brand, Tom Ford - which she famously modelled for.

"I love his eyeshadows," she said.

MCoBeauty Miracle Hydra Glow Oil-Free Foundation, $28.

Image: MCoBeauty.


MCoBeauty Instant Camouflage & Contour Concealer, $22.

Image: MCoBeauty.

MCoBeauty XtendLash Mascara, $24.

Image: MCoBeauty.


Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad, $125.

Image: Mecca.

Celeste Barber's favourite fragrance. 

Celeste's second love, behind her husband, is Tom Ford. So naturally, her favourite fragrances are made by the luxe design house.

"Lost Cherry is probably my favourite because I have a personal connection with it," Celeste said. "He [Tom Ford] gave it to me."

She also adores Rose Prick as it's her favourite floral.

"I like anything rose," she added.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry, $480.

Image: Myer.


Tom Ford Rose Prick, $300.

Image: Myer.

To hear the whole conversation with Celeste, listen below!

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