"I can see why Karl walked." Lawrence Mooney's bizarre rant against Cassandra Thorburn.

Triple M radio host Lawrence Mooney has unleashed on Cassandra Thorburn, claiming he could “see why Karl walked”, after an awkward interview this morning.

Mooney, who hosts Moonman in the Morning, spoke to Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife about her appearance on Dancing With The Stars – but admitted before the prerecorded chat aired he was more interested in bad-mouthing Karl.

“Let me be the bad guy here. I wanted her to unload on Karl,” Mooney said.

During the interview, he told Thorburn he was “decidedly on Team Cass” and wanted to “stick the boot into Karl” before asking her about Richard Reid’s revelation on I’m a Celebrity that Karl wears hair plugs.

“OK, when did Karl start balding?” he asked.

But Thorburn was having none of it and started speaking about her Dancing With The Stars partner, Marco’s hair. (You know, the reason she was being interviewed in the first place.)

cass thorburn dancing with the stars
Cassandra Thorburn will appear on Dancing With The Stars. Image: Channel Ten

Her response seemed to anger Mooney, who told his co-hosts: "She wouldn’t touch that. She immediately looked out the glass at the Channel 10 publicist and that question got shut down.”

He added: “I was expecting after a summer of her unloading on Karl Stefanovic and his now-wife Jasmine Yarbrough, that she might be wanting to get stuck into Karl, but she wanted to play it safe."

After the interview aired, Mooney continued criticising Thorburn.

“I am back into Karl Stefanovic, I’ve swung right back. You know what, Cass? I can see why he walked. You are a nightmare."


Thorburn has previously spoken about the negative media coverage thrust upon her since her separation from the former Today host.

In the wake of reports that she made a number of critical comments about her ex-husband's wedding to Jasmine Yarbrough in December, the author vehemently deny she gave the quotes.

“After two-and-a-half years, I’m not a news story. I’m just a mother who’s divorced from my ex-husband, and I’m trying to find my place back in the world," she said on Studio 10 at the time. 

“This constant harassment, every time my ex-husband’s in the news — which is often — they then come looking for me, my children, my mother.

“It’s not OK, and I don’t think as a society we should be accepting it.”

Throughout Karl’s relationship with Jasmine – and especially during their wedding – Thorburn has been portrayed as the jilted ex-wife.

In response to an Instagram commenters telling her to "move on", she replied: “I have moved on. I believe the issue may be that just because I haven’t jumped into the arms of a man society/click bait media decide that means I haven’t moved on.

Dancing With The  Stars premieres at 7.30pm on Channel Ten tonight. 

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