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The Bachelor's Cass on seeing Nick Cummins for the first time after the show.

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Running into an ex is always awkward. It’s probably even more awkward if you run into an ex who dumped you on national TV and might now be dating one of your close friends who you also met on national TV.

So yeah. Poor Cass.

The former bachelorette was on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday morning, and she let slip that yep, she has seen Nick since leaving The Bachelor.

Nick and Cass both live in Manly, so it was only a matter of time until they had an awkward run-in.

“Out of respect of the winner, I would never organise to hang out but we do live on the Northern Beaches and we did bump into each other, and it was a ‘hi and bye’ situation.”


She said the rumours that she and Nick were back together were “fake news”, but then said something… Curious.

Listen to the latest episode of Bach Chat below.

“No way, he’s with the winner,” she said when asked if she and Nick were in a relationship.

“I believe he’s with the winner and having a happy life.”


Sounds reasonable, except all signs point to the fact that Nick is not with the winner.


The Honey Badger is currently spending spend eight days doing the Kokoda track, out of phone range, and will conveniently be unavailable the day after the finale, where the couple usually does the press rounds to gush about their new relationship.

Cass also told Fitzy & Wippa that before the show began, she and Nick last hung out around the Christmas/New Year period.

But they actually saw each other at the gym just a week before filming began, and neither knew the other was involved in the show.

According to a source quoted by NW, Nick made a rash decision in getting rid of Cass after last week’s hometown visits episode and regretted his choice.

The source said Nick and Cass are expected to announce their relationship after the finale airs…

If that’s the case, maybe their run-in wasn’t so awkward after all.

Video by Channel 10