'It's been eight years since our divorce. When can I sell my ex-wife's wedding dress?'

Dear Mamamia,

In 2005, I married someone I’d met three years before, but only got involved with six months prior.

Sadly, five years later we separated. Due to then-financial circumstances we did the “living separated under one roof” thing – but I thought that her bringing her new boyfriend into the home was a bit much. We sold the house within six months, and went our separate ways.

However, upon last inspection of the empty house before sale, I found her wedding dress hanging in her bedroom closet – with nothing else. I took it, expecting her to contact me.

It’s been eight years: I assume I can sell it. I paid for it – but I also paid for her engagement and wedding rings (not to mention $20,000 worth of other jewellery over the years) which she kept. The thing is, this dress is also around $10,000 – isn’t it hers?

I’m assuming that she left it deliberately – but I can’t figure why she didn’t just take it and sell it.


Obviously Clueless.

Image: Getty.

When Mamamia's Podcast Director Rachel Corbett read Obviously Clueless' call for help, she had some very strong feelings about it all.

"That was a d*ck move. She meant to leave that wedding dress sitting in that house for you to find it," she said.

"That I am not impressed with. You need to get that thing on eBay!"

However, our Executive Editor Leigh Campbell shut the dream of turning a profit from the dress online down pretty quickly. Because precisely no one would actually pay $100 let alone $10,000 for an eight-year-old pre-worn wedding dress.

Listen: To find out exactly what Rachel Corbett, Mia Freedman and Leigh Campbell thought this man should do, get the full segment in your ears below...

"Purely from a style perspective, things have changed so I'm not sure how much you're going to get for it. But definitely sell it, it's all about recycling and up cycling."

Corbett begrudgingly agreed, explaining how she learnt that lesson the hard way helping shift some of her dad's old belongings.

"After trying to get rid of three shipping containers worth of crap [my dad's] horded in his lifetime is that no one wants to pay what you paid for things, so when you try to get rid of stuff, you might get $2.50 for it."

What do you think Obviously Clueless should do? Should he cash in the dress and run, or should his ex-wife get to decide?