The skincare products under $30 Mamamia's beauty experts swear by.

Leigh, Executive editor

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Nude by Nature Nude Oil, $7

I first fell I love with Nude By Nature when I tried their mineral foundation. I still use it regularly and always get comments on my skin (my shade is Medium, by the way), so when they released this facial oil I jumped on it. I use it at night to plump and hydrate under my night cream and also use it on my décolletage when I get a bit too much sun or notice that it is dehydrated.

Lanolips Fruties 101 in Peach, $14.95

I think I probably own over 30 tubes of Lanolips Fruities. I keep one in every handbag, in the car, a few at my desk, two on my bedside, I give them to girls in nightclub bathrooms… you get my point. I use it primarily as a lip balm, and it’s the only thing that actually heals and hydrates my lips (and lasts for hours). I also use it on my cuticles and as a highlighter on my cheekbones.

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Weleda skin food, $22.95

If you’re into skincare you’ll have seen that the internet reckons this cream is a dupe for Creme De La Mer. While I don’t believe comparisons are as easy as that, I agree you get so much bang for your buck with his tube. I use the really thick cream as an overnight mask and wake up with super plump, glowing skin. I also use it on dry elbows and heels, or any little scrapes like cat scratches. Weleda is a really well respected, safe, natural brand and I love almost all of their products.


Brittany, Beauty writer

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Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 30+, $15

As someone with fair skin, sunscreen is a non-negotiable (as it really should be for everyone) but I struggled to find one that wasn't gluggy for my face that messed up my makeup. Then I discovered this. It's not scented, absorbs into the skin really quickly and is thick without being heavy and sticky. I always have one of the minis in my bag.

Sukin Rose Hip Oil, $19.99 (50ml)

I'm an impatient person, which is why I love rosehip oil as I can see the changes and benefits in my skin very quickly. You can tell when I've been lax with it too. I started using it about three years ago and now I always need a bottle in my bathroom.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $24

Waking up with a pimple is never ideal but it's no longer a total nightmare thanks to this. Hands down the best spot treatment I've ever used, resist the urge to shake it. The bottle features a clear liquid and a pink sediment at the bottom, packed with fast acting ingredients like salicylic acid, zinc oxide, and sulfur to draw out your spot and calamine to soothe. Dip a cotton bud through both then dab on affected skin. Zapped!

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