10 busy women on how they *actually* find time to exercise.

Ask any busy woman (read: all women), and we guarantee they'll tell you that finding time for themselves between work, family, kids, life admin, the entire mental load, etc. is quite a challenging thing indeed. And chances are, whenever they do find a slice of five minutes, they just want to... sit the f**k down. 

Sweating it up in a gym might feel like the last thing on everyone's list, but as we all know, prioritising moving your body has a whole wealth of benefits that can improve both your mental and physical wellbeing like nothing else.

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Whether you want to slog it out in a HIIT class, go for a run, walk home from work or take a dance class, fitting exercise into your daily routine looks different for everyone.

That's why we asked 10 busy women at Mamamia how they do it. Here's what they said.


"Getting up super early — it has to be first thing, otherwise it doesn't happen!"


"I do a 6am dog walk into 7am Pilates class so it's all done before work."


"I go during my lunch break. I refuse to sacrifice sleep to exercise. It also means I actually take a lunch break and it's to the benefit of everyone cause I always come back to the office in a better mood." 


"Doing something I like makes it easier to fit in! I struggled when I used to try get up early and slog to the gym when I didn't enjoy the exercise I was doing. Now that I love the sport I do, training after work everyday is easier. I look forward to going because I find it fun and like seeing my friends there! Also having a coach and friends there that will tell me off if I don't go helps — fear makes you find the time!"



"I get off at a different train station which means instead of walking 10 minutes home, it take an extra 20 minutes."


"I don't have a lot of time during the week, but I make sure that no matter what, I *at least* go for a walk before work. Even if it's just 15 minutes, I go outside and move. If I've managed to organise my s**t in time, I'll go to the gym – I specifically requested a program from my PT that takes no more than half an hour. Then on the weekends, when I have more time to play with, I'll do a dance class."


"It usually only works for me after the kids have gone to bed (8.30pm-ish) for at-home workouts. I just have to really want to do it, though!"


"I wake up around 5:15am to fit in exercise in the morning (usually a ride or run), then will walk my dog after work or do a run where possible. Keeping this strict routine often means saying no to things before and after work so that I can prioritise this. Taking part in a group exercise makes it more palatable as well!"


"Having someone to do it with/bully you into it works for me. I need a workout buddy." 


"I take my gym gear with me to work and book in classes nearby right after work or near the ferry where I get off so I can walk straight there. I know once I go home and sit on the couch there's no way I'm getting back up at the end of the day."

No matter what your day is looking like, MOVE by Mamamia has something that'll work with your routine and leave you feeling good. Head here to start your free trial.

How do you make time to workout? Share with us in the comment section below.

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