6 reasons to get out of bed and go running. Seriously.

We’ve all been there.

You know that feeling when life gets on top of you and it all becomes too much? When your baby’s cry wakes you at 3am, for the fifth time that week? And when you’re just not sure you can pull yourself out of bed?

Yeah, we’ve all experienced it. Sometimes you spring back from that feeling of exhaustion just fine, and other times you get stuck in a rut – and you can’t seem to escape.

This happened to me recently and I was worried I was never going to feel energised or de-stressed again. So one morning when I pulled myself out of bed I decided to try something I used to do all the time – go for a run.

I grabbed my gear, put the baby in the pram and hit the pavement. I now go running three times a week and I have well and truly come out of that rut.

So here’s six reasons why I think running is ESPECIALLY good for you when you’re feeling a little (or extremely) overwhelmed and stressed.

1. You become happier.

This is the number one reason that I got back into running – it makes me feel good. I’m not talking a short chocolate high good, I’m talking endorphins pumping through your body good.

Many studies have shown that running has a positive effect on your mood because it releases the feel-good chemical that is your endorphins. You experience a ‘runner’s high’, which you can’t achieve from anything else.

“So one morning when I pulled myself out of bed I decided to try something I used to do all the time – go for a run.”

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by The Athlete’s Foot. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

2. It is an escape.

Although I have to take the kids with me when I exercise (I’m not just going to leave them at home) I still feel like running is my escape. The kids are always so happy when they’re getting pushed through the fresh air and I just feel like I’ve stepped out of my hectic life for a little while. It’s calming once you get in a rhythm.

3. Your mental state will improve.

Running clears my head. It is a time (even when I have the kids in tow) where I can think about everything with the space I need. You can sort out so many of your life worries when you’re running. It’s the time I need to get my thoughts in order, and once the endorphins kick in I make rash decisions about what I need to do to keep my life on track.


Here are some of the best running, walking and hiking tracks in Australia – should you need a little extra inspiration. Post continues after gallery.

4. You get more sleep.

Okay, admittedly your sleep has a lot to do with your kids’ sleep. But if you take them running with you, hopefully it’ll tire you both out. If you run 30 minutes a day it will help you sleep because you’re releasing a lot of that bottled up energy.

Hopefully it works for your baby (or young kids) too so you can all get more Z’s. I know I am.

5. You have more energy.

As a result of all the endorphins and extra sleep I now have SO much more energy – it’s amazing. I don’t snap at my kids as much and I just feel like I achieve so much more in a day than I used to.

6. It will strengthen you.

When you have little kids, life can be exhausting – picking them up, putting them down, holding them on one hip with a washing basket in the other.

Your legs get sore, your arms get sore, and your whole body wants to collapse in a heap with the dirty clothes on the floor. Since I’ve started running, I’ve built muscle and find all the picking up and putting down of little people and their things so much easier.

Before you start, make sure you have the right pair of running shoes and other gear to avoid injury, and just do it. You won’t regret it, I promise.

What do you love most about exercise?

Here’s one of our favourite pair of shoes to hit the pavement with.

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