"I would never set foot in a gym again." 20 everyday women on how they make exercise fun.

If you struggle to motivate yourself to workout, you’re in good company.

Whether it’s because you don’t have enough time, feel nervous or insecure at the gym or simply don’t enjoy exercise sessions, I feel you. You are SEEN.

I’ve previously written about how much I struggled to workout before finding some non-gym ways to exercise and enjoy myself, and I’m still always looking for advice and tips to make my ‘workouts’ even better. So I asked Mamamia’s You Beauty Facebook group for some ideas on fun ways to exercise, and they did not disappoint.

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Here are 20 easy, manageable – and most importantly – fun exercise activity ideas that will also be great for your health.

1. “Pole Dancing, been doing it for 7 years. All my other gym/exercise routines have come and gone, but I’ve stuck with pole for the long haul. I have one in my house.” – Ashley

2. “Laser tag or paintball! I did indoor laser tag and was probably sweating more than at the gym.” – Soph

3. “Kayaking is the best. I also go bouldering which is indoor rock climbing without the harness it’s so much fun.” – Lauren T

3. “Bathroom exercises while my daughter is having a bath. Mini push-ups with my hands on the sink, squats/wall squats and cleaning at the same time, stretches, etc. If your kid is having a shower, keep the fan off and then the steam makes it feel like you are in a hot yoga class.” – Adele

4. “Reformer Pilates – while it may be actual exercise, you are laying down most of the time… so afterwards I don’t feel like I did much but the next day I know I did!” – Emma W

5. “Stretch session in front of the TV for half an hour. People seem to neglect flexibility but it’s so easy to do anywhere.” – Bethany


6. “Playing hockey (or any team sport really!) because you’re too focussed on the game/drills to even think about the fact that it’s exercise. Have played since I was four years old, I can’t live without it… so good for your mental, physical health and social life!” – Emma H

7. “Bicycle commuting – you can go as slow as you like (or use an e-bike) and it’s time you’d normally waste on public transport/driving so has no real impact on your schedule. Ride to work and never go to the gym again!” – Jasmine

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8. “Reformer Pilates – it has changed my life. I would never set foot back in a gym again.” – Chelsea

9. “I love bushwalks with my partner and girlfriends. My walk to work is about 40 minutes which is a great way to get my steps up and get some fresh air and catch up on my podcasts.

“I also have this game on Nintendo Switch called ‘Ring Fit Adventure’. It’s like a Pilates/resistance ring and you play this adventure game, killing monsters and stuff while doing exercises! It is exercise, but it’s so fun because it’s in a video game. I actually really enjoy it haha.” – Karagh

10. “My bestie and I did dancing in the dark last year. So much fun! Admittedly we drank wine first so probably didn’t burn many cals!” – Ang


11. “I dance Samba (Brazilian not ballroom) and it is SO MUCH FUN! It is an amazing workout, doesn’t require a partner and comes with the added bonus of feathers, sequins and cool creative makeup as well as learning about a new culture and an amazing team of gals of all ages, shapes and backgrounds.” – Bec

12. “Stand up paddleboarding! Great core workout with the added benefit of some mindfulness as you paddle around! I love it.” – Gail

13. “Find a good PT, they will make sure you enjoy what you do… they’ll also make it effective. Boxing, pilates, dancing, workout with a friend! Exercise should be enjoyable. Also walking lunges down the hallway.” – Samantha.

14. “My husband and I like to drive to different affluent suburbs on a Sunday afternoon and walk around checking out the flash houses.” – Zita

15. “Coffee and a chat with a girlfriend while walking at the lake. You can easily walk 5km and not even realise.” – Carlie

16. “Zumba. If you love the dance floor. No booze/heels. No hangover/blisters.” – Diane.

17. “Going out on my Stand Up Paddle Board or a bushwalk.” – Kylie S

18. “Went axe-throwing for my birthday and it was a workout on the upper arms and major destresser!” – Hannah R

19. “I like to play tennis with my partner, I’m awful at it and he thinks so too, but I do it because I enjoy it. I also like to walk around while listening to podcasts, I dance around my house quite intensely when no one is home and I like walking my mum’s dog.” – Bronte

20. “I do a wall squat every night while I do my teeth for 3 minutes!” – Janine

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