Stan's Bump is a return to the classic Australian TV series we all fell in love with.

There are certain Australian TV series that hold a special place in our hearts. 

Love My Way. 

The Secret Life of Us

Packed to the Rafters. 

Heartbreak High

They came into our living rooms once a week, or every day after school, and held a mirror up to our lives. They introduced us to fictional families and groups of friends whose stories we became so invested in; we felt like they were a part of our own family or friendship circle. 

They made us laugh, and taught us how to grieve, and gave us pivotal moments that we still think about now, decades on from when they first graced our TV screens. 

WATCH: The trailer for Stan's new original series, Bump. Post continues below. 

These were the shows that made Australian TV great. 

And now Stan is bringing us a new original series that will make us fall in love with Australian TV all over again. 

Bump, which premieres on Friday, January 1, only on Stan, centres on two Aussie families living in Sydney's inner west. 

The 10-episode series follows the story of Olympia 'Oly' Chalmers (Nathalie Morris) a high-achieving 16-year-old who has her entire life mapped out in front of her when she suddenly has a surprise baby. 


Not a surprise pregnancy. A surprise baby

After feeling unwell at school, Oly has a baby in the back of an ambulance on the way to the hospital, and immediately becomes a mother, and her parents Angie (Claudia Karvan) and Dom (Angus Sampson) become instant grandparents. 

Angie and Dom, who were on the brink of separation before the baby arrived, are forced to come together to help an uninterested Oly bond with her daughter, and Oly must face the fact her life has changed forever. 

Nathalie Morris as Oly. Image: Stan.  


"Our catchphrase is 'Life, not what you planned' and I think it's very relevant to what we're all going through now. You know, you can't have very clear plans or expectations because life is going to hijack them," Claudia Karvan told Mamamia as production wrapped up. 

"So when we meet Angie, my character, she feels like her parenting days are done, she's just tasting freedom, and then suddenly, bang, the clock is reset. 

"Oly believes she's on her way to being Dux of the school, she's on her way to working at the UN, she can almost taste her future and then bang, she's suddenly in the toilet block having contractions." 

Karvan explained that what Oly goes through in the series, most women go through at some point in their lives, but we often don't see those stories on-screen. 

"These are all the feelings you have when you're a mature woman who had planned to have a child. You still feel like your life has been hijacked, you feel like your body has been hijacked, you feel like your career has been hijacked, but no one wants to hear about that, no one wants to see that," she said. 

"So if you give that storyline to a 16-year-old it's just so much more dramatic and heightened." 


The arrival of the baby also brings Santiago 'Santi' Hernandez (Carlos Sanson Jr) and the rest of the Hernandez family into the Chalmers family's life, as the two families, from different backgrounds, attempt to figure out how to adjust to their new normal. 

Karvan, Sampson, Morris and Sanson Jr are supported by a young and diverse cast that truly reflect life in an inner-city suburb in 2020, including Peter Thurnwald who plays Oly's boyfriend Lachie, Safia Arain who plays her best friend Reema, and Ioane Saula who plays Santi's best friend Vince. 

Throughout the 10-episode first season, the kids and the parents of the Bump world learn how to adjust to their new normal, and figure who they really are and what they really want in life. 

Bump is a series about embracing the unexpected, and learning to love the messy, unplanned parts of your life. 

And it will make you fall in love with Australian TV all over again. 

Bump premieres only on Stan on Friday, January 1. 

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Feature image: Stan. 

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