Chrissie, Fitzy, Blair and everyone else we forgot were on Big Brother Australia.


Ah, Big Brother. Thems were the days.

Can you believe there were a total of 11 Australian seasons? ELEVEN?

That’s more than 100 contestants we’ve watched shower, eat, frolic and share their secrets on national television.

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We thought we’d take you on a bit of a walk down memory lane, given this fantastic show hasn’t graced our eyeballs in five years.

Here are all the people that might still be popping up on your TV, radio and social media – who you forgot were once on Big Brother.

Blair McDonough, actor.

We went from watching Blair play himself on season one of Big Brother to playing a character on the soap opera version of Big BrotherNeighbours.

Blair joined the long-running show in 2001 as Stuart Parker and remained on Ramsey Street until 2006.

He then headed overseas to the bright lights of London where he acted on West End and got himself a few gigs on various British reality TV shows.


He then went on to appear in the UK police drama Heartbeat, before heading home to appear in Aussie dramas Sea Patrol and Winners & Losers.

In 2017, he was cast in Home and Away where he still is today.

He’s also happily married with two kidlets in tow.

Chrissie Swan, media personality.

Chrissie delighted us on season three of Big Brother, coming in second behind fish and chip shop owner Regina Bird.


Since the show, she’s been climbing the radio ranks hosting shows on Hot 91.1, Nova FM and Vega 91.5, before eventually landing The Circle on Ten.

In 2011, she became cohost of the 3PM Pick Up on Mix 101.1 and over the years has appeared on our TV screens in Can of Worms, I’m a Celeb, The Great Australian Spelling Bee and Long Lost Family.

In 2016, she started hosting Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny Show where she remains to this day. She also regularly pops up on The Project.


She and partner Chris have three kids: Kit, Leo and Peggy.

Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, radio host.

Pre Big Brother season four, Fitzy had a career in AFL. But since his appearance in 2004 on the reality TV show, he’s gone on to carve himself out a spot as an Australian media personality.

He started on Nova 91.9 in Adelaide while also making semi-regular appearances on Before The Game (AFL), but in 2010 he went on to host Nova’s drive show Fitzy and Wippa, which remains to this day hugely successful.

In 2012, he made his acting debut on House Husbands and has also hosted 20 to 1 on Nine with his radio co-host Michael Wipfli.

Fitzy and his wife Belinda have two boys aged nine and five.


Tully Smyth, influencer. 

Tully was on Big Brother in 2013, and nowadays you might recognise her from your Instagram feed.

Social media has always been her bag, but she’s gone from being a “social media strategist” to being one of Australia’s most successful influencers.


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Hey Vyd, can you style me every day of the week? Thanks. @vydia

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She’s also a blogger, writer and has just added podcast host to her achievements.

We snapped her up here at Mamamia, so keep your eyes (and more importantly ears) peeled for Social Squad hosted by none other than Smyth herself.

Tim Dormer, podcaster.

Tim was also in season 10 with Tully, and went on to win the show.

You’ll often see him in the headlines nowadays because of the juicy gossip spilled on his podcast Life After Reality TV hosted by PopSugar.

He’s interviewed everyone from The Bachelor’s Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne, to Big Brother’s Mike Goldman and MasterChef’s Hayden Quinn.


He’s also quite the influencer posting snaps to his 139,000 followers of his travels and often eccentric escapades with his fiancé Ash.

Our cyber stalking tells us he’s also the voice-over behind some of the shows on 10 Peach, Channel 10’s second-string channel.

Constance Hall, blogger. 

Constance appeared on season five of Big Brother and was at the time of entering the house, a 21-year-old apprentice hairdresser.

She captivated audiences with her personality, frankness and outspoken personality but only lasted 10 days on the show.

She’s since gone on to build an empire.


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My daughter told me that there is a Kid in her class who she thinks is from a pretty poor family. “Why?” I asked I don’t even want to give away the child’s gender so I’ll keep the conversation vague. Billie explained to me that this child never hands in payments for excursions, doesn’t have full school uniforms but most importantly doesn’t have much if any lunch at lunch time, usually the child only has one piece of fruit. And the worst part is that this child is constantly asking other kids for some of their lunch and the kids call them a Scab. I remember kids being called that in my primary school, it’s fucking cruel. So my daughter and I decided we would pack an extra sandwich and muesli bar etc. She will from now on offer it to the child before they have to ask. And then I thought, shit if that happened at my school, it’s happening at my daughters, how many other schools have a kid getting teased and called names for being hungry? And I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t spread the word, if we can all ask our kids if there is a child at school with no lunch or someone who seems to be asking other kids for their lunch all the time. If they say yes and you can afford it, maybe you too could sneak a big extra in for the child. If just one kid gets a full belly and doesn’t get called scab then I’m glad we shared the word ???????????? And the lesson of empathy it’s teaching your child is invaluable ???????? Peace and love my gorgeous Queens x

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The social media queen grew her fan base after writing about family life and the realities of being a mum.

She’s written two books, Like A Queen and Still A Queen, appeared on Dancing with the Stars this year, and has a legion of dedicated fans.

Lisa Clark, influencer. 

Lisa is another ex-Big Brother alumni you might have seen popping up in your newsfeed.

The Sydney based ex-reality TV star was on the show in 2014 and now calls herself a “freelance content producer”.


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Something exciting is coming ????

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She has 93,000 followers on Instagram and is a face you’ll often see popping up for brand ambassadorships or deals.

Michael Beveridge, radio host.

Michael won fans over in season nine with his witty quips and quirky hilarity.

If you’re an Adelaidean you’ve probably heard him on your airwaves.

He’s hosted numerous shows including The Drop on the Hit Network, breakfast on SAFM and weekend breakfast nationally on Fox FM.


Aisha Jade, designer.

Aisha was on season 11 and at the time she entered the show she was a salesperson at Nike.

Nowadays however the tables have turned, and you might be buying her clothes.

Aisha launched her label Boy By Her in 2017, a clothing brand that embodies relaxed, oversized and comfy.


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Take 40% off for a limited time only, shop him before he’s gone ???? @julianrrinaldi ft @aisha_jade

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What former Big Brother contestants are on your radar that you forgot were once on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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