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Oh. We forgot the Big Brother house existed, and it looks downright dilapidated now.

For 11 seasons Australia dutifully sat through a show about a group of people chilling in a house.

Big Brother, hosted by Gretel Killeen (and later Kyle and Jackie O) was the reality show of the early 2000s.

We were all glued to our screens for the turkey slaps, cheating scandals and bum dances that took place in the famous house that was purpose build at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

Merlin Luck
Remember Gretel? Remember the jaw dropping eviction of Merlin Luck? Ah, memories. Image: Ten.

A mansion that was always met with ooos and ahhhs from its residents who were filmed 24 hours a day for the viewing pleasure of the Australian public.

Many former housemates like Chrissie Swan and Ryan Fitzgerald went on to have incredibly successful careers in the media after appearing in that house and on that show.

But since the final season in 2014, it appears we've all just forgotten about it.

Not just us the viewers... everyone. Cast, crew, production and producers.

The Big Brother house has been left completely abandoned and footage from inside the once famous Queensland residence uploaded to YouTube by MuiTube are pretty depressing.

It's looks eerily haunted, is falling apart, has crude graffiti scrawled all over it and on Saturday, June 22, the 'mansion' was set on fire by 'child arsonists'.

Check out the house here. Post continues after video.

Video via MuiTube

While reviewing the derelict and somewhat terrifying remains of the Big Brother house, we can't help but reminisce on some of the more memorable moments inside it.


The fire

Five years after the cameras stopped rolling on the Big Brother house, the now derelict property was set on fire on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Four children aged between 11 and 15 were charged over the crime, with another two nine-year-old arrested and released after being questioned by police.


Former contestant Skye Wheatley, who placed third in 2014 on Big Brother series 11, shared footage of the fire on her Instagram stories.

"Someone's lit the Big Brother House on fire. It's rude if you ask me. Leave it alone guys, leave it alone," she said.

"That is so sad. Like I'm literally watching my home go up in flames. My heart is breaking right now."

Big Brother house fire
"Like, I'm literally watching my home go up in flames." Image: Instagram @skye.wheatley.


garden abandoned
The outdoor area was arguably the best part of the house. Now it's overgrown and dishevelled and most definitely looks haunted? Image: MuiTube

The garden was at the epicentre of most of the big events.

It's where they carried out challenges, sunbaked, partied, worked out and was often where contestants were told the winner of the season.

It always looked like a glamorous resort that we were all missing out on.

bb house
Bit different to its glory days. Image: Nine.


BB kitchen
The kitchen has been destroyed by vandals. Image: MuiTube

One of the most memorable moments from the Big Brother kitchen was in Season Three when Chrissie Swan let rip at a fellow housemate for playing the game, accusing Ben of "throwing things up and stirring them around."

The two had it out at the kitchen table and damn it was juicy.

Over the years housemates would gossip over washing the dishes and squabble over the groceries.

Now, all that's left of the room is foul language plastered across the walls.


The girl's bedroom is a little worse for wear. Image: MuiTube.

Lets face it, the bedrooms were at the centre of most of the drama on Big Brother.

There was the infamous turkey slap of 2006, that saw Michael "John" Bric hold down fellow contestant Camilla Severi while Michael "Ashley" Cox pulled down his pants and slapped her across the face with his penis.

There were various love rat scenarios, including the 2014 romance of Cat Law and Lawson Reeves who had a longtime girlfriend on the outside.

Tully Smyth also started a relationship on the inside in 2013 with contestant Anthony Drew, despite having a girlfriend.

mens bedroom
Remnants of the guy's bedroom. Creepy AF. Image: MuiTube.

The bedroom was also the scene of the "dancing doona" incident of Season One that saw Pete Timbs and Christina Davis getting hot and heavy under the covers.

The footage was aired as part of Big Brother: Uncut the saucy late night adults only peek into the house, and Pete and Christina's romp was only the start of the eye-opening sex scenes witnessed on the show.

Diary Room

The diary room five years on. Image: MuiTube.

The Diary Room was also at the centre of many big moments, and was the place where contestants were truly alone with Big Brother to air their grievances and cry their eyes out.

In 2007, it was where Emma Cornell was told of her father's death from cancer.

It's also where the Logan twins Greg and David would swap places after entering the house as a single person on Season Five.

Rewards Room

The rewards room before and after. Image: MuiTube.
big brother rewards
The open shower area from the rewards room. Image: MuiTube.

The once luxurious Rewards Room is where lovers and friends would nominate each other to spend a night away together without the glare of the rest of the house.

Now it's just littered in broken glass.


There are blacked out tunnels all through the house, where the cameramen sat. Image: MuiTube.

We also got a backstage peek at some of the tunnels in the Big Brother house.

While filming, the man behind MuiTube known as 'Scott' comments "there's so much room back here," referring to all of the secret nooks and crannies for cameras and show runners.

All of the walls are blacked out, and there are cords, cables and debris everywhere.

"You don't seem to think when you watch the show that all the mirrors were where all the camera men were filming from,' explorer Scott describes.

"Everywhere you look there's glass panels - it would have been a strange feeling."

The show was the product of Channel 10 for its first eight seasons, with Nine taking over in the later years.

Wikipedia says a tourist asked Dreamworld for a tour in 2017, but was told by security it had been stripped bare and was condemned under health and safety laws.