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In 2005, the 'Logan twins' entered the Big Brother house as one person. They won.


Remember that time Big Brother put twins in the house, and then pretended they were one person, and then one of them went on to win the whole season?

Ah, the Logan brothers.

Ah, 2005.

What memories.

Here’s a snippet. Post continues after video.

Video via Ten

While reminiscing on this nugget of history we realised something. We haven’t seen or heard anything from Greg and David in… years.

How dare they not share their entire lives with us like the Skyes, Tullys and Fitzys of the world.

So in the interest of reliving the Big Brother glory days, allow us to take you on a journey back in time to that house on the Gold Coast tucked off to the side of Dreamworld (which is now a burnt down creepy ghost hangout) where Australian reality TV was born.

The big secret.

It was such a big deal that the twins were being thrust into the house AS ONE PERSON.

By 2005, Big Brother had already been on air for four years so the producers were ready to throw all the spanners into all the works.


In fact, the ‘theme’ of the series was “single, sexy, and competitive”(LOL) and instead of asking for video-taped auditions, the producers toured the country looking for the sexiest singles in all the land.

On opening night it was revealed the $1 million prize was also getting the shakeup. Five thousand would be subtracted every time a housemate broke a rule.

Greg and David were given a task as the season’s exciting new play-thing.

Last a fortnight under the name of “Logan” (their shared middle name) and they’d get to enter the house as individuals. Fail and they’d have to enter as one person, aka, nominated and evicted as one.

Day Two in the house was basically a detail by detail unpacking of what was different about each twin. Because how fun are identical twins.

One had a noticeable scar on their forehead, the other had a tattoo on their ankle, one was right-handed and the other left-handed. One was a plumber, the other “sold beer” as a sales rep.

Channel Ten was having an absolute ball.

Greg's scar
How fun is it to spot the differences in twins.
Dave's tatt
Big Brother was living for it.
Greg's mole
And you call yourselves identical.
naked twins

They swapped on Big Brother's demand, regularly changing places in the diary room or the toilet, while giving the other a quick download of conversations and updates they needed to absorb.

When they weren't "in play" they were holed up in the isolation room playing playstation and watching DVDs (remember those.)

twin bums
They even swapped undies...and we're not sure that's necessary, but we respect BB's attempt to get bums on screen.

The twins lasted one week.

Housemate Glenn revealed the secret, but a lot of the housemates already had an inkling.

"I was picking up different vibes that he was two different people. He was acting a bit different," Glenn told Gretel in a weird 'Big Brother breaks the fourth wall scenario' in the diary room.

Gretel Kileen
Remember that time Gretel was Big Brother for a short min.

Later on in the series, a special eviction was held where one twin was evicted based on the votes of the other housemates and the remaining twin was allowed to continue on as a normal housemate.

Greg went on to win the whole damn thing, and they were still (technically) being treated as one, so got to share in the prize equally.

The best part, was when Greg spent the entire eviction with a lollipop in his mouth.

Greg Logan with lollipop

They ended up walking away with $836,000 which was the amount left over after the various subtractions along the way.

Where's Greg now?

Greg used his half of the winnings wisely, becoming a pub owner in Newcastle.

The King Street Hotel, Argyle House and Greenroof Hotel are all part of his empire with his smart investments turning him into a multi-millionaire.

According to Woman's Day, as of last year Greg was worth $10 million.

Greg was married to the mother of this three children former Elle magazine editor-in-chief (now Jones magazine editor) Justine Cullen, but the pair have since parted ways.

Milo, 14, Iggy, 12, and Scout, 6, appear to be based in Avalon with mum who late last year re-married her partner Hayden Guppy.

Where's David now?

There's even less of a trace of David online.

In 2012, his brother alluded in an interview that his twin was running a Gold Coast based plumbing company that dealt with mining contracts.

He is also a dad.

But that's all we got...

Apparently the Logan twins have put their life-in-the-limelight days behind them, and are living very under the radar lives.

Good on them (but where are you please).