A $5 Sauvignon Blanc and the best chocolate: 40 women share the best things to buy at ALDI.

ALDI is a hidden gem amongst the supermarket kings.

It might be confusing and overwhelming the first time you attend, but you'll quickly realise there are brilliant dupes for your favourite food, alcohol and beauty products (at lower prices!). 

And more than likely, you'll return again and again.

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If you're new to ALDI or want some new options to add to the shopping list, we spoke to 40 women who love the affordable supermarket chain. And they shared their favourite products. 

Get your shopping list ready and enjoy.


"The smooth blue cheese. It has the perfect amount of creaminess and strength - watch it vanish off any cheese board." - Emma.

"The chocolate. Especially, the dark chocolate with sea salt." - Lisa.

"The European frankfurts. They are just super quality." - Jen.

"The fresh pork dumpling in the fridge section are great for a quick meal. My kids love them." - Bel.


"The potato gratin from the frozen section. It's delicious and easy to cook." - Kim.

"They have excellent gluten-free chocolate chip cookies." - Claire.

"The honey roasted parsnips are the bomb - freezer section." - Cyndie.

"The ready-made meals. The penne in creamy basil sauce is best I’ve ever had!" - Jo.

"I love the little Greek yogurt pots with granola in the top of the lid." - Amy.

"The cheese! All the cheese but the blue especially." - Di. 

"The spanakopita without a doubt. Best easy, quick meal ever." - Jade.


"The caramelised onion hummus is *chef’s kiss*." - Danina.

"The low carb, high protein bread. It's no white bread or high fibre bread I get from the bakery that tastes amazing but it does make a decent substitute." - Jessica.

"The fake M&Ms - they are called Munchies and they taste like Smarties and M&Ms had a delicious baby." - Hannah.

"The coconut biscuits. I can seriously eat a packet in 10 minutes flat." - Peta.

"Oh my, it’s got to be the roast potatoes in duck fat! So good, so lazy, yet delicious!" - Bronwyn. 

"The salted pretzel chocolate. Pretty self explanatory!" - Tegan.

"The parmesan. Full of flavour and extremely good value." - Jane.

"The raspberry licorice - it’s addictive." - Kris.

"The garlic dip is incredible. So delicious with the lamb and a Greek salad." - Hannah.

"The chilli, garlic and Himalayan salt spice grinder for $5. It’s ALL you need for any meal." - Katie.

"The melting moments. If I ever go to ALDI for anything I make sure I get some melting moments too." - Laura.


"Bacon chops! Like a ham steak but a bacon steak. And it’s the best because it’s bacon, in the form of a steak! And because you can’t get it anywhere else. Deeeeeeelicious!" - Emma.

"The veggie straws! So good for kid snacks and better than the expensive individually packed ones you get from the giants!" - Alix.

"I buy the salmon all the time to have in hand - thaws out really quickly." - Joanne.


"The Sauvignon Blanc. It's $6, doesn't give you a hangover and tastes like a $15 wine." - Jacinta.

"Their organic range is great but their sparkling apple juice in glass bottles is my fave." - Hannah.

"I don’t know what it’s called, but ALDI rosé is $5.99 and DELICIOUS." - Whitty.

"The Lazzio coffee beans. The price is amazing and tastes even better." - Fiona.


"Their stain remover, it’s brilliant." - Elizabeth.

"Their toilet paper because it has double the length." - Kim.

"The cat litter. I have two indoor cats and it's the only cat litter that doesn't stink." - Christine.


"The nappies. They're cheap and reliable." - Nadja.

"The electric salt and pepper grinders. They’re super handy (who has time to manually do that anymore) and about a fifth of the price of the fancy ones." - Peta.

"The mould cleaner and bathroom cleaner is a god send! It's only $2.50 and it's way better than general cleaning brands!" - Savannah.

"The purple dishwashing tablets. Hands down." - Michelle.

"The dishwasher tablets - I will make a special trip for these. They're great value and winner of choice awards." - Rachael.


"Their hyaluronic acid is 100 times better than any other I have tried. It layers under makeup and plumps up your skin so fine lines disappear." - Christine.

"I use their Lacura night cream. It doesn’t feel oily and doesn’t make my skin react like everything else." - Tilly.

"Their tinted sunscreen. Smooth, moisturising and good colour choices." - Karen.

What's your favourite thing to buy from ALDI? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: ALDI/Mamamia.