Exactly what nail shape suits you.

Along with choosing your nail colour, the second hardest thing to decide is your nail shape. Partly because, you have absolutely no idea what shape actually... suits you. But also, there's so much choice! And chances are — whether you're opting for BIAB, shellac, SNS, some fancy nail art, natural nails or just your standard manicure — you'll almost always walk out of the salon feeling like you made the wrong choice.

And it sucks. Because there's truly nothing worse than walking out of a salon, after dropping a decent amount of money, with digits you're not quite happy with.


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The good news? There is actually a specific type of nail shape that suits every kind of nail. The even better news? We're about to tell you which you should get next time you go into a salon and get a manicure.

Below, we asked nail expert, founder of Sydney salon The Parlour Room and Self by The Parlour Room Natalie Ferrari to tell us which nail shapes to ask for in the salon. 


Here is your ultimate guide to the best nail shapes.

How to choose a nail shape.

When it comes to nail shapes, it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of show — and there are some different things you might want to consider before making a choice.

"The decision of which nails to choose ultimately depends on your lifestyle, and what suits you might not suit someone else," said Ferrari. 

"While there isn't a particular nail shape you must steer clear of, it's important to take the following factors into consideration."

1. Consider your lifestyle.

Ferrari said some shapes are more prone to upkeep and breakage, so make sure you choose one that fits in with your daily routine. 

"For those with an active lifestyle or hands-on work, practical shapes like square or round are often more suitable. If you're all about low-maintenance, opt for a shape that aligns with your daily activities," suggested Ferrari. 

"If you're gentle with your hands, you have the freedom to be a bit more adventurous and try out longer shapes and styles."

2. Take your finger and nail shape into account.

Ferrari told us, "Different nail shapes can enhance or compliment your hand's inherent structure." Yes! The natural shape of your fingers and hands can give you an idea of what kind of shape you should go for. 

For example, if you have a more rounded cuticle area, then a round or oval shape are great choices. If you have a wider cuticle area, a square or squoval shape might work better. (But again — it's totally up to you!).


3. Be mindful of your nail health. 

Another important thing to be mindful of is maintenance and the health of your nails - different shapes obviously require extra caution. So, take this into account when making your decision, too.

"Shapes like oval or almond may demand more length, which could pose a challenge for naturally weak nails. If your nails are weak or damaged, you may want to opt for a strengthening treatment," said Ferrari.

With this in mind, below are the three of the most common types of nail shapes and who they're best suited to.

Almond-shaped nails.

Image: The Parlour Room


What are almond-shaped nails?

"Almond nails are shaped by keeping a wide base and filing the sides into a pointy peak at the tip," explained Ferrari. "They're great for short, wide fingers, making your nails and hands look longer."

Who are almond-shaped nails suited to?

According to Ferrari, almond-shaped nails are usually best for those who have short, wide fingers. "This shape helps to lengthen the appearance of nails and hands. However almond nails do compliment most nail and hand shapes."

Round-shaped nails.

Image: The Parlour Room.


What are round-shaped nails?

Round nails have curved sides that come together at a rounded point, said Ferrari, and are a lot curvier than standard oval nails. "They're great for making short fingers appear longer and slimmer," she added.

Who are round-shaped nails suited to? 

If you're a gal who has shorter nails with a wide nail bed, this is the best shape for you. "Plus, round nails are super sturdy, making them the go-to choice for anyone with weaker nails." Love!

Soft oval-shaped nails.

Image: The Parlour Room


What are soft oval-shaped nails?

"Imagine a blend of square and oval - that's the square round nail," explained Ferrari. "It's mostly square but with rounded edges, giving it a softer vibe than those sharp angular nails." 

"It's a flattering twist on two classic shapes. Achieving this look involves straight-filing the sides and top of your nail, then gently rounding the corners." 

Who are soft oval-shaped suited to?

When it comes to who soft oval-shaped nails are best suited to, Ferrari said it's a great option for those with long fingers and slim hands. "Plus, it's a fantastic option if you're aiming for low-maintenance nails that are still chic."

We love low-maintenance!

What's your go-to nail shape? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image credit: Instagram/@sweettreatvienna.

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