The Mamamia team have shared their favourite movie of all time. How many have you seen?

Movie opinions often lead to a lot of shouting in the Mamamia office. 

Everyone has their favourite films. Not everyone agrees.

Finding out someone's most beloved movie can completely change my view of a person.

I met someone a few years ago who said their favourite movie was Funny People, which is a 2009 Adam Sandler movie no one except Adam Sandler remembers (and this person). 

I immediately knew they either hadn't seen many movies, or had only seen Funny People. Because my lord, there are some excellent/life-affirming/heartwarming films out there and if you've landed on Funny People, you likely haven't seen any of them.

But what is the best movie? This is very subjective but we've rounded up the team to choose their favourite movie of all time. And no, Funny People is not on it.

The Princess Bride.

"It's probably had the biggest influence on my life out of any film – it's the first film I ever remember watching. I would watch it on VHS with my mum and grandma on repeat. I just loved it and still do. It still reminds me of time with them and how much my mum would laugh at the wedding scene with the bishop. A forever-in-my-heart favourite." - Alex.

Image: 20th Century Fox. 


The Lord of the Rings.

"It's a beautiful film about resilience, dedication, friendship and good versus evil. It's a work of art." - Isabelle.

The Parent Trap.

"As a kid, I used to watch it and the immediately rewind and watch it again. It's just so fun and joyful, it makes me happy." - Sydney.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

"It is the movie you can watch a thousand times over and still find it hilarious, heartwarming and relatable." - Jessica.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

"It makes me laugh out loud every time, plus I end up crying at some point too. The plot is brilliant, and the chemistry between all the actors is next-level. My mum and I went to see it at the cinemas the day she divorced, and it's always stuck with me since. Love is complicated." - Isabella.

You've Got Mail.

"Nora Ephron hive rise! There is no movie in the universe more comforting than this iconic piece of cinema. It's Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at their very best playing enemies-turned-lovers. It's a small bookshop versus a big corporation. It's set in New York. It's perfection." - Tara.


Image: Warner Bros.

Dirty Dancing.

"Dirty Dancing has been my favourite movie since I was, like, five, which in hindsight seems wildly inappropriate. It's so lame and so wrong but I know every word and dance move." - Hayley.


"It was and still is the epitome of cool to me. I first watched it wayyyyyyy too young but it was just so f**king cool that it still sticks with me. The music, the clothes, the swagger of the gangsters. Nowadays I also love how it was shot, but that is the creative nerd in me coming out." - Harrie.


Mamma Mia!

"This is a bit on the nose but lately I've been watching Mamma Mia! a lot. It's fun, I like the songs, it's a silly story, and Meryl-freakin-Streep is there!! I like looking at Greece and I wish Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and the Skarsgard were my three dads. Oh and they were drunk while filming, which is iconic." - Madeline.


"I love stop-motion animation and it has a really fun spooky surreal vibe! Love the soundtrack and voice-over cast (Ab Fab!) This is definitely a comfort watch of mine for Halloween season." - Jaslyn.


"It never fails to make me laugh, the most quotable movie ever. I feel like my friends and I could have full conversations in purely Bridesmaids quotes. Also, I am in 'wedding season' (pray for me) and it's so f**king relatable." - Talissa.

Image: Universal Pictures. 



"Firstly, anything with Jessica Chastain in it is going to be a winner. Interstellar is a bloody masterpiece, it really makes you think... and I cry every time. Also, space is just so bloody fascinating and terrifying at the same time." - Maddie.

The Shawshank Redemption.

"I just love Morgan Freeman and the cast made it. On our first date, my hubby asked me what my favourite movie was and it's his also. Oldie but a goodie." - Melanie.


"Firstly, it's French and I love a foreign film. It's just super cute and quirky and has a great soundtrack that transports me straight to France." - Madeline


"It's a mix of it being a massive part of my childhood and just being a woo-woo gal at heart. Do I believe in soulmates and universal signs? Yes, yes I do, and it's 1000 per cent because of this movie." - Olivia.

The Wizard of Oz.

"So many people cringe when I say this but mine is The Wizard of Oz. I would watch this movie with my mum and nan on repeat and it's always just been a feel-good movie for me. Also, the conspiracies surrounding it are wild. Got a tattoo of a rainbow for my nanna's fav song." - Paris.


Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Empire Records.

"I fell in love with this movie when I was so young. The cast is amazing: Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler, Robin Tunney, Anthony LaPaglia. It has so many quotable lines. 'Not on Rex Manning day' has become my friends' and my way of referring to anything we don't want to happen at any one time. It's funny, tackles some serious issues and has a happy ending, just love it." - Claire.


The Hunger Games.

"I rewatch The Hunger Games trilogy every year. This year, I've watched it about three times. I'm obsessed. It's brilliant for when I don't know what to watch. The acting is brilliant. The storyline is phenomenal AND it still shocks me every time there is a twist. I'm a simple woman." - Shannen.

Terminator 2.

"T2 is probably the best made film of all time. Or at the very least, the best sequel of all time. The plot twist, the Myles storyline, the reveal of the second robot, Sarah Conor just being a f**king boss. Seriously, tell me something bad about this film." - Grace.

The Big Lebowski.

"This is very, very difficult but one of my favourite films of all time is The Big Lebowski. Immediately quotable, aesthetically interesting, amazing soundtrack and Jeff Bridges doing his slacker slouchy thing expertly. 5/5 stars, no notes, chef's kiss." - Pip.

Frances Ha.

"My favourite film of all time is Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach. I absolutely LOVE this film with Greta Gerwig for how it portrays female friendship so authentically and realistically, plus the heartbreak felt during the breakdown of a friendship when you realise your and your best friend's lives are moving in different directions. It's also set in New York and has a nostalgic feel to it that I love." - Issy.

Feature image: Warner Bros. Pictures.

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