8 of the best makeup brands for mature skin, and the products you need to try.

If you're a woman in her 50s with a face, you'll know that finding the right makeup that won't do you a dirty can be difficult. 

These days the beauty world is confusing. Noisy. Crowded. There are so many products and brands out there, it can hard to know where to start.

More often than not, you end up just sticking to the stuff you've always used. But the thing is, sometimes what worked for your skin 10 years ago might not work for your skin now.

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So, if you're looking to give your makeup bag a bit of an overhaul, or just want some future suggestions for when your foundation/concealer/mascara runs dry, we've got you covered.

Below, you'll find the very best makeup brands recommended for mature skin.

1. Trinny London.

As if we weren't going to have Trinny London at the top of our list. That would just be silly! If you haven't introduced your skin to this stuff, you're doing yourself a serious disfavour. Because people froth over Trinny's products for good reason.


We love how foolproof and easy these formulas are - there's little stackable eye pots, tinted serums, lip and cheek products - they're all creamy and really simple to use and you can apply pretty much everything with your hands and fingers. 

All the formulas are super lightweight and natural - no heavy, cakey stuff that'll mess around in creases and pores.

Our pick: Trinny London's BFF Skin Perfector SPF 30, $67.50.

Image: Trinny London

Holly Wainwright, Head of Content and Co-Host of Mamamia Out Loud said, "It comes out of the tube white, goes onto my skin peachy and just gives this even tone and glow that I am completely addicted to. I have repurchased about 25 times."


If you're looking for an easy everyday option for a little bit of coverage - try it.

2. Rageism Beauty.

Have you heard of this brand? It's an Australian mineral makeup brand made specifically for mature women. And gosh, that's more like it.

Whether you're really into makeup, or a bit of a novice who doesn't wear too much - you'll find these products make your skin look even and fresh. Just what we're after, no?

Our pick: Rageism All Day Mineral Foundation, $68. 

Image: Rageism


In case you missed it, skincare-makeup hybrids are some of the best makeup products for mature skin. This foundation contains skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalene to hydrate your skin while providing coverage. 

Holly describes this foundation as her "ride or die" and likes to wear it when she's feeling a bit fancy - so go ahead and add it to your list if you're looking for a new 'going out' foundation.

3. NARS.

If you haven't yet introduced NARS into your makeup routine, it could be time - because it has so many great picks for mature skin. Particularly when it comes to concealer and foundation.

Our pick: NARS Light Reflecting Foundation, $73.

Image: Mecca


Word on the street has it that this new foundation is a really good time for skin at all stages. It's a lightweight formula that also delivers on skincare benefits, and is actually one of Mia's go-to foundations (she talked about it here).

4. Mii Cosmetics.

If you haven't come across Mii Cosmetics before, it's a UK-based makeup brand that was initially created for spas. It launched in Australia a few years back, so it's just beginning to make waves here.

Mii Cosmetics has an impressive range of beautifully creamy eye crayons that make eye makeup easy. There are 12 different colours that can be used alone or as a base. They're great for hooded eyes and mature skin, and won't budge or crease.

Our pick: Mii Forever Eye Colour Crayons, $45.

Image: Mii Cosmetics


5. IT Cosmetics.

IT Cosmetics is one of those cult brands you're probably pretty familiar with it, but never really thought of trying. But you'd be forgiven for thinking it's not a goer for mature skin, given it seems to be mostly targeted at the youths.

However! The iconic CC correcting creams are actually an expert-approved fave for people in their 40s, 50s and over.

Our pick: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50, $65.

Image: Sephora


If you're struggling to get the right amount of coverage while ensuring your skin still looks like skin, the IT Cosmetics range is a real winner.

Renowned makeup artist Rae Morris recently recommended this foundation to Mia - and if we're going to listen to anyone's advice on makeup, it's Rae. 

6. Clinique.

When it comes to finding quality makeup that does what it says it'll do (surprisingly rare), you can't go wrong with Clinique. It's one of those brands that has become a cult fave for mature skin.

Our pick: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, $55.

Image: Sephora


This is a full coverage foundation that's thick and silky and manages to cover dark spots and pigmentation beautifully, while still feeling remarkably sheer and lightweight. The best part? It lasts.

7. RMS Beauty.

Launched by 65-year-old makeup artist and beauty industry icon Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty was one of the first brands to appear on the 'clean beauty' scene. 

Known for its lightweight products and long-lasting wear, the brand is all about helping you achieve natural, healthier-looking skin.

Our pick: "Un" Cover-Up Cream Foundation, $78.

Image: Mecca


The perfect formula to correct uneven skin tone without that flat, crepey effect, this creamy formula gives skin a really natural ook without settling into pores or dry patches. 

8. Laura Mercier.

Another iconic brand created by a world-renowned makeup artist, Laura Mercier encompasses a 'less is more' approach to beauty. 

Our pick: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free Natural Skin Perfector, $72.

Image: Mecca


Perfect for an everyday look, this tinted moisturiser works hard to bring balance and tone to the skin, without being too heavy. The formula is delightfully sheer, yet still manages to conceal imperfections with ease. 

Do you have any brands you'd like to add to the list? Share with us in the comment section below. Go on!

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