Flannelette sheets are having a comeback. Here are 11 options that are actually chic.

Picture this: It's Friday evening and you've managed to come out of the other end of the week in one piece. 

You met all your deadlines at work, have zero plans slotted in for the weekend and you're looking forward to rotting in bed for the next two days. 

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Netflix knows exactly what you want to watch and your Uber Eats delivery driver just dropped off a warm meal

And to top it all off, you just changed your crusty bed sheets to ones made of flannelette. 

Yes, flannelette, because with winter riiiiiight around the corner, it's time to fold away (or scrunch and toss) your linen quilt covers and replace them with a thicker, cosier fabric instead. 

Flannelette often gets a bad rap — some say it's too fuzzy, while others find it grabs onto everything. And I just know you're picturing an ugly gingham print you've seen on a farmer's shirt. Well, sorry to invalidate your feelings, but if that's what you think then you just haven't tried good quality flannelette.


Gone are the days when flannelette would catch every single dust bunny in the room and pill the minute it caught you staring at it for too long. In 2024, instead of being a pain, its sole purpose is to keep your bed warm and toasty.

It's basically like using an electric blanket without the massive bill to show for it.

When buying new sheets, I usually like to go in-store and have a feel of the fabric, however, if you're short on time, there are plenty of online stores that sell foolproof bed covers.

Because I take sleeping extremely seriously, I rounded up the best flannelette bed sheets that are high quality, warm and comfortable.

Let's get into it. 

Sheet Society Frankie Flannelette - Lilac, from $110.

Image: Sheet Society.


Adairs Ruffle Toffee Flannelette Quilt Cover Set, from $179.

Image: Adairs.


Linen House Flannelette Printed Sawyer Quilt Cover Set, from $150.

Image: Linen House, Spotlight.

Target Lailie Floral Flannelette Quilt Cover Set, from $30.

Image: Target.


Pillow Talk Flannelette Sheet Set, from $89.95.


Sheet Society Frankie Flannelette - Lottie Stripe, from $110.

Image: Linen House.


Sheridan Flannelette Sheet Set, from $149.99.

Image: Sheridan. 

Bambury Brentford Flannelette Quilt Cover Set, from $107.95.

Image: Bambury, The Iconic.


Adairs Clay Sheet Set, from $53.99.

Image: Adairs. 


Chiswick Living Perry Egyptian Cotton Flannelette Quilt Cover Set, from $129.95.

Image: Chiswick Living, Temple & Webster.


Abode Verbier Quilt Cover, from $169.

Image: Abode.

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Feature Image: Sheet Society/Canva.

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