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goldie locks January 22, 2024

I have a black loose fitting pair of shorts I save for work. I’ve had them well over 5 years, they look chic with loafers paired with a plain tshirt and a blazer. Shorts are totally acceptable if you get the fit and length right.

goldie locks January 10, 2024

@melissajayde yes 100%

goldie locks November 30, 2023

Something g similar happened at my husbands (then boy friend) cousins bucks and he said no! And refused! He made his grooms who organised it do it! So there what do you know NO can be said and done at a bucks. I felt sick knowing my boyfriend at the time had even witnessed this act from the sidelines, so I can sympathize with the bride in this story. I would say she needs to work through things and not just walk away. Maybe listen to some Esther Perel eps.

goldie locks November 8, 2023

You forgot when people respond to your work with “This is interesting” that’s code for “Let me collect my thoughts on how to tear you down diplomatically’ 

goldie locks November 2, 2023

Take your dirty shoes off! Since we had babies now 3 & 5 we adopted a shoes off approach. It just made sense when I thought of my babies crawling around in other peoples filth! My in-laws think it’s rude but hey I think they are rude so can’t win lol

goldie locks October 27, 2023

@ljricho67 I interpret ‘private school boy’ as a way of inferring privilege and his expected privilege in life, not accepting NO! As he has always gotten his way. Like how people call them ‘old school tie boys’.

goldie locks September 28, 2023

@mystal84 I disagree, her friends sound considerate once she calls them out. Sure rich people can be egocentric but does that mean you can’t be a real friend?

goldie locks September 28, 2023

Money can be such a dirty conversation with friends. But when you do manage to have it I am often surprised by how respectful people can be. I never get into specifics though, just kind of high level.

goldie locks August 17, 2023

I really enjoyed it! People do change, it’s not totally out of the question that someone could do this, people have done stranger things I’m sure. The story line provided the perfect opportunity to say all these amazing things about Willie that didn’t need to be said, but they did, the writers carved out time to pay tribute to Willie and give closure. Let it be and focus on the beautiful moment and that tasty looking drink!

goldie locks July 13, 2023

Do not buy their hairdryer! I have had 4! All broken, all replaced free of charge by Dyson when the could not work out why it stoped working in the first place. The most recent one I only used 4 times!!! Go the old fashion Parlux 🌟

goldie locks June 30, 2023

My hubby ran off to get his a few months after our second. He is not keen to have more kids and neither am I. I said I had carried more than enough fertility burden and now it was his turn. He was back on his bike riding a few days after, he got a Dr Snip stubby holder which he gets out when ever he can as a sort of trophy. My life is so much better now that I don’t have to take the pill, it’s such a contrast from my entire teens and 20’s.

goldie locks June 2, 2023

I have no words! This man scares me to my core.

goldie locks May 30, 2023

I have a doesband and my friends have commented at times how they admire our relationship. I find myself feeling guilty at times when they vent about their husbands general lack of competence, and how they blame themselves for not being more firm or vocal about their desires for them to step up! Why do women blame themselves??? As a mother of two boys I hope who ever they end up with will never be in that position. 

goldie locks May 6, 2023

All the cool people sleep separately now! Privilege to be able to do so, having enough space in your house to all be in different rooms/beds. If you can do it 100% recommend!

goldie locks April 12, 2023

I was 13 maybe early 14, technically just a little too young to start in Vic (I am now 35). I walked a few doors up from my house and asked if the florist needed a hand. I worked a few hours on a weekend, changing all the water over, generally cleaning and serving customers. It paid $5ph cash. I really enjoyed it and the moment I was legally 14y 9m I got a job at Coles. Working gave me independence and income.

goldie locks March 26, 2023

I can’t wait for this to drop! I love the idea of this story. Please keep us up to date on the behind the scenes details.

goldie locks February 12, 2023

Could not have said it better myself. Sigh…

goldie locks January 26, 2023

Who would of thought! 

goldie locks October 29, 2022

My heart breaks for this lady and her boys. I am very happy to hear you are safe and have each other at least x

goldie locks September 18, 2022

I find it really gas lighting when they post money spent. This is super deceiving given all the freebies and ‘deals’ the contestants get. If anyone average Jo was to attempt the same look the cost would be $100k+