PSA: The so-bad-they're-good Christmas movie season has begun.

It's officially my favourite time of year: silly season movie o'clock.

Nothing brings me greater joy than a Christmas movie, especially if it's cheesy, goofy or best of all, so unashamedly bad that it's good.

It is only mid-November, so before you schedule in your annual classics (my holy trinity is Elf, The Holiday and Love Actually), here are three new movies to get you feeling jolly:

Best. Christmas. Ever!

Image: Netflix.

Not only does Best. Christmas. Ever! have the most ridiculous, unnecessary punctuation in a film title this year, it also has the largest cast of people you'll go 'Oh my God, I forgot about them!'


Among them: Brandy Norwood(!), Heather Graham(!), Jason Biggs(!!). 

Norwood plays Jackie, who sends her old college frenemy Charlotte (Graham) a very boastful holiday newsletter about her picture-perfect life each holiday season. When a twist of faith lands Charlotte on Jackie's doorstep just days before Christmas, she seizes the opportunity to prove her old friend's life can be as idyllic as she claims.

But can she put her complicated feelings about Jackie aside and embrace the holiday spirit? I'm sure you know the answer.

Best. Christmas. Ever! is streaming on Netflix from November 16.


Image: Prime Video.


Gossip Girl is perhaps my ultimate comfort show, while Upload is perhaps my favourite ever Prime Video original, so you bet I'll be SEATED for Exmas, starring Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester, and Upload lead Robbie Amell.

The movie follows former fiances Graham and Ali, who find themselves unexpectedly reunited during Christmas after Ali shows up at Graham's family house to spend the holidays, thinking Graham would not be making the trip. They then battle it out to see who the family will pick to stay through Christmas Day, because for some reason the family do not... automatically choose their actual son. 

I love the premise of films like this, they're insane.

ExMas is streaming on Prime Video from November 17.

Dashing Through The Snow.

Image: Disney+.


Alright, looking for something the entire family can enjoy? 

Dashing Through The Snow features one of the most classic Christmas movie tropes: someone having a hard time rediscovering the magic of Christmas (often involving a dude in a red suit).

This time, Ludacris (yes, THAT Luda!) plays Eddie Garrick, who turned his back on Christmas due to a traumatic childhood experience. But this year, his estranged wife (Teyonah Parris) requests he take their nine-year-old daughter  Charlotte (Madison Skye Validum) to work with him on Christmas Eve. There, they meet a mysterious man... in a red suit... named Nick.

Obviously, Eddie thinks the guy is crazy. But you know, *insert plot here*, and then he and Charlotte might find themselves on a journey that can restore his faith in Christmas.

Dashing Through The Snow is streaming on Disney+ from November 17.

Feature image: Netflix/Prime Video.

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