The $12 brow gel we're obsessed with and 10 more that don't flake or go weird and shiny.

A good brow gel can be hard to find. You want something with long hold, to keep your eyebrows in place, but also something with a natural finish instead of a glossy, shiny one. You also want something that feels lightweight on your brows and something that doesn't flake, go white or crunchy.

Seems like a tall order, but a good brow gel can be make or break when it comes to fuller, natural-looking brows.

But that's why you've got us! (or the You Beauty Facebook group, rather).

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Because in a recent post, a Youbie by the name of Jodie wrote:

"Hello! I'm looking for a new brow gel that really sets and separates the hairs so it looks like a laminated brow but not quite as hectic. Any amazing recommendations that you guys know of? I’ve used Benefit Gimme Brow for ages and I’m wondering if there is better out there? Looking for something that dries down and doesn’t look wet or weirdly shiny and also doesn’t have the white tinge some brow gels leave behind. Thankyou!"


And yes, the fellow Youbies delivered!

Here, you'll find a list of all the best brow gels, narrowed down by real reviews — including an absolute bargain you can pick up in Priceline.

Best brow gels Australia.

MCoBeauty Brow Laminate Sculpt & Set, $24.

MCoBeauty Brow Laminate Sculpt & Set.Image: Woolworths/Canva.

"I loovveee the MCoBeauty brow laminate. I use it almost every weekend." - Khy.

"I have oily skin so most things don't stay on, but with the MCoBeauty nothing budges." - Katherine.


"I second this! It looks like you've had a brow lamination." - Michele.

The Complete Brow Brow Sculpt, $34.99.

The Complete Brow Brow Sculpt. Image: The Complete Brow/Canva.

"I love this one — I have also tried the MCoBeauty version and Benefit Cosmetics and I find this one the best as I get no flaking or white tinge." - Emily.

"It’s so good at setting brows without leaving them crunchy." - Camille.


"Another vote for The Complete Brow!" - Tori.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued 4 Brows & Edges, $25.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued 4 Brows & Edges. Image: Chemist Warehouse/Canva.

"Schwarzkopf Got2Be. I used the brow specific one for ages then one day I ran out and only had the gel, so I used it and haven’t gone back." - Pip.

"I’ve used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze and every other product known to woman, but last week switched to Got2B ultra (the black tube) and it's life changing!! My brows have never looked better! They go a little crunchy but they look impeccable all day long! I reckon I could sleep in them and wake up and they'd still be perfect." - Harley.


Rimmel Kind & Free Universal Natural Brow Wax, $19.95.

Rimmel Kind & Free Universal Natural Brow Wax. Image: Priceline/Canva.

"I like the MCoBeauty and the Schwarzkopf gel ones, they tend to leave a bit of white, though... not as bad if you clean the brush after each use. But I bought this one from Rimmel a week or two ago and I LOVE IT." - Felicity.


"Second vote for the Rimmel Kind & Free Brow Wax! I recently purchased it and it is so much better than Anastasia Beverley Hills [Brow Wax]." - Lucy.

"This is one of my favourites! It's way more affordable than some of the others — I picked it up from $10 at Priceline. I love how it's long-lasting but not stiff or crunchy." Erin.

Benefit 24hr Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, $48.

Benefit 24hr Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel Image: Sephora/Canva.


"I have been using Benefit 24hr Brow Setter for years and have found nothing as good as this (have also tried Refy and Patrick Ta and Anastasia Brow Freeze and the Schwarzkopf Got2Be, but they didn't come close)." - Anette.

The Brow Code Brow Heist Brow Soap, $38.

The Brow Code Brow Heist Brow Soap. Image: Mecca/Canva.

"Brow Code is great!" - Debbie.

Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt, $31.

Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt Image: Refy/Canva.


"This product is incredible! I recently purchased it at Sephora US and am obsessed with it. My brows don't budge and it doesn’t go crunchy like other gels I’ve tried." - Stephanie.

Shop By Summer Stuck BySummer Clear Brow Gel, $40.

Shop By Summer Stuck bySummer Clear Brow Gel. Image: Shop By Summer/Canva.


"This is the best brow gel I have EVER used and it’s an Aussie lady start up. It sets to solid." - Teresa.

Erre Due ED Perfect Brow Mascara, $24.

Erre Due ED Perfect Brow Mascara. Image: Erre Due/Canva.


"I’ve tried so many for my salt and pepper brows! This is the only one that dries without crunch and gives good coverage." - Robyn. 

Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula, $27.50.

Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula. Image: Dick Smith/Canva.


"I’ve faced this same battle of hating brow products that leave glue-like residue or a wet look. There’s a salon product called Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula — I get it from the place I get my brow lamination and lash lifts done but you can buy it online — it’s designed to be an aftercare serum to prolong the results of lamination and lash lifts but it’s also the best brow gel I’ve ever used.

"Once makeup is fully done (foundation, powder, the lot) brush it on pushing the hairs up, then use a clean tissue and firmly stamp over on the brow to remove the residue (that "wet" look) — you’ll get rid of any foundation/powder that’s got caught in your brow hairs at the same time as laying the hairs down flat. I promise you they will not move after that! This stuff is amazing. Works like a charm and the serum lasts MONTHS. You can always toss in the handbag to touch up during the day but I've never needed to." - Kate.

Ailana Brush Up! Brow Styling Balm, $49.99.

Ailana Brush Up! Brow Styling Balm. Image: Ailana/Canva.


"I just got the Ailana Brow Balm and it is SO good! I love the laminated look, and this doesn’t leave white bits behind and stays so well." - Emma.

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