'MCoBeauty's latest drop of dupes is going viral. Here's our very honest review.'

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MCoBeauty has dropped a bunch of new products, both skincare and makeup, and yeah, we're excited.

Whether you're into beauty or not, we all know the brand has some banger affordable products that often rival the spendy stuff.

Shelley Sullivan is the CEO and Founder ModelCo and MCoBeauty. Speaking with Mamamia, she says affordability and accessibility are particularly important to consumers right now.

"It feels like the cost of living is constantly on the rise at the moment, and it's getting harder and harder for everyday Australians to afford what feel like the basics. Rising costs are being passed onto consumers – and it's not just in the beauty industry," she explains.

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"What was once affordable is now considered an 'expensive luxury', so consumers are seeking out quality, affordable alternatives."

This, she says, is where MCoBeauty steps in, aiming to fill a gap in the market for those who need it. Because if there's one thing many of us love, it's a good beauty dupe. 


Dupe culture has definitely been taking the beauty industry by storm over the past few years – but that's not all MCo Beauty is about, says Shelley. 

"No doubt MCoBeauty is riding the dupe wave at the moment, but we are more than just a dupe brand. We have over 300 products in our range, and most of them aren't actually dupes," she notes. 

"My goal is to ultimately bring affordable beauty solutions to the masses, without compromising on quality. Not everyone can afford to spend $100 on a foundation or $150 on a serum, so I love that we've created an accessible alternative for consumers who might have otherwise been priced out of the market."

We got to test out the new products in the range (lucky!) – here are the Mamamia team's honest thoughts.

Clinique Moisture Surge, $70, vs MCoBeauty Intense Moisture Boost, $39.

Image: Supplied.

Clinique is one of my all-time favourite brands. I remember as a young teen I even spent my first paycheck on some of their skincare. 

The Moisture Surge has been a staple in my beauty cabinet for years now, and my mum is also a massive fan.

But I have one big issue with the product – the cost. $70 is a lot to spend on a hydrating moisturiser, even if does make your skin feel juicy and delightful. So when I got my hands on the MCoBeauty Intense Moisture Boost – which, from all reports is very similar to the Clinique product – I was very keen to test it out. And for the past few weeks, I've been loving this product. Really loving it. 

The scent is different, and the consistency of the MCoBeauty version is slightly creamier than the Clinique one.

The ingredients list between the two products is different, too, but the results after using each one are very similar, with my skin looking and feeling plump and hydrated after use.

So for $39, I will definitely be reaching for the MCoBeauty option.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, $130, vs MCoBeauty Miracle Anti-Aging Repair Serum, $49.

Image: Supplied.

Mamamia social producer and writer Isabelle Dolphin has tried both the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and the MCoBeauty Miracle Anti-Aging Repair Serum. Here are her thoughts:

"I tend to use Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair on my eye area and around my smile lines. I've used it for quite a while, and I only use a TEENY TINY amount considering a small bottle of this stuff is equivalent to a week's groceries. But I love how my skin looks after popping it on before I go to bed," says Isabelle.

"When I first saw that MCoBeauty had done a dupe... I was shook. Then when I saw it was around $50, my heart skipped a beat. Would it stack up? 

"I love that they both have droppers as applicators. The main difference I noticed was the colour difference between both serums. Overall I think the spendy version produces a slightly better result. BUT in saying that, I'm keen to keep trying the MCoBeauty serum as my skin did feel great after using it, and for that snazzy price, I'm really impressed."

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, $70, vs MCoBeauty Flawless Glow Luminous Skin Filter, $35.

Image: Supplied

Mamamia's Beauty Editor Erin Docherty has tried and tested both the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and the MCoBeauty Flawless Glow Luminous Skin Filter.

As for what this product actually is, well... it provides a lightweight, subtle glow. It can be used under makeup as a luminous primer, mixed with foundation to add a light-reflecting glow, or on top of makeup as a highlighter.

She's a versatile gal, what can we say?

Erin personally recommends mixing either the Charlotte Tilbury or MCoBeauty product with a bit of your usual foundation, rather than wearing either of the glow products on their own.

"The texture of the [MCoBeauty] formula is very similar [to Charlotte Tilbury] – it feels pretty lightweight and sheer but offers a hefty amount of glow. One layer provided enough coverage for me, but it's definitely buildable and I found it really easy to blend with a sponge," says Erin.

"If you're a fan of the cult Charlotte Tilbury formula, you'd be a silly goose for not giving it a whirl. Not only is it half the price of the O.G., but everything from the packaging to the formula is pretty much identical. You can't go wrong."

Check out a full review of this product.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi Use Concealer, $19.49, vs MCoBeauty Instant Erase Concealer, $20.

Image: Supplied.

Look, both of these products go on sale very often, and there's little price difference between them. So the decision over which one is worth your money is easy, because both are super affordable.

As for the difference in formulas? They're very similar.

The MCoBeauty Instant Erase Concealer is brilliant at brightening the area where the product is applied, and works particularly well under the eyes.

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi Use Concealer is a go-to for concealing spots and blemishes specifically, as it has that extra coverage.

You can't lose either way.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, $60, vs MCoBeauty Super Glow Bronzing Drops, $32.

Image: Supplied.

Mamamia's content producer Shannen Findlay has tried and tested both the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops and MCoBeauty's Super Glow Bronzing Drops.

Here are her thoughts:

"In my makeup routine in general I'm a big fan of bronzer, but I love using bronzing drops for glow, especially on the high points. 

"The Drunk Elephant one is good, don't get me wrong. It's fabulous. But right now I'm trying to go for cheaper options. I got my hands on this MCoBeauty one recently and the consistency is very similar. This product is a bit less intense on the bronze, but that works fine for me. I just wish the bottles of both were bigger!"

The verdict.

 All of these products mentioned – both spendy and savey versions – are great quality and offer solid results.

The biggest difference we can see is the price point. For some, they will continue to use the products they know and love, and fair enough! But for anyone looking for some accessible, affordable dupes to try, we say, go forth and glow!

What do you think of these beauty dupes? Have you tried any of them before? Let us know and comment below.

 Feature Image: MCoBeauty.


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