From dewy skin to natural brows: The 6 new rules of low-maintenance beauty.

The pandemic changed A LOT about how we live our lives. For beauty, it gave rise to an entirely new category: skinimalism.

In case you've missed it (umm... where have you been? We've been tryna call), skinimalism is 2021's biggest beauty trend - and it's all about streamlining your skincare routine and scaling down your makeup bag.

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Gone is the hyper-polished face beat, and the FaceTuned, pore-less filtered look that once dominated our feeds.

Instead, it's given way to a wave of natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks and skin that *truly* looks like skin.

Thank. Goodness.

We're talking clean, dewy, bare faces without a slick of powder on 'em.

The best part? It's totally low-maintenance, and it works for absolutely everyone.

We've pulled together the six rules you need to know about.

1. Pared-back skincare routines.

It's time to let go of that 12 step skincare routine, boo.

As tempting as it may be to use ALL of the things on your skin, the truth is that layering lots of skincare products that aren't necessarily designed to work together (or right for your skin type) can really mess with your skin's natural barrier.

Psst: If you have these skin conditions it's time to put down the vitamin C. Post continues below.

So, instead of spending your monies on all the gimmicky, random stuff you see on the Instagram streets (hey, glitter face masks... what... what are you doing here?), try to invest in products formulated with ingredients that will do the hard work for you.

When it comes to skincare, take the skinimalist approach and go back to basics - because you can still have a powerful skincare routine without buying everything.  

Wanna know the essentials? Course you do. The foundation of any great skincare routine is a gentle cleanser, a moisturiser and an SPF. Then, you can choose a serum and/or chemical exfoliant to suit your specific needs. 

Here's a helpful guide that'll help you choose which ingredients to look for based on your skin concerns.

2. Lighter coverage over full coverage.

PSA: Powdery, fully covered skin is officially out. We are DONE with slapping on layers of foundation and concealer.

These days most of us are all about ditching the heavy coverage and letting our skin breathe (responsibly, within three feet of other skin). 

Instead of covering things up, it's all about either going completely barefaced or opting for a wee swipe of something to just enhance that natural glow.

And luckily, there's now a whole new line-up of trusty foundation alternatives that'll give you a radiant finish and have your skin looking its cute best. Like, have you noticed how so many beauty brands are coming out with hybrid products right now? 

There's A LOT. 

Tinted moisturisers, BB creams, primers or a well-placed concealer have become our go-to choice of coverage - products that'll give you that fresh-looking, lit-from-within glow while still letting your natural skin texture shine through.

Foundation? Pfft, never heard of her.

3. Creamy blushes and cheek tints over powders.

For a natural-looking flush, you can't go past a cream blush. Have you tried them before? My goodness - do yourself a favour and get into it.

Unlike their powdery cousins, these guys subtle and super blendable - it's pretty hard to mess up on the application front. 

What's more, many of them are formulated with hydrating and nourishing ingredients, meaning they're the absolute jam if you have dry skin cause they won't cling to any flaky patches. So, they'll help keep your skin moisturised, while upping your glow at the same time. Dreamy.

A soft touch of colour on your cheeks can instantly light up your face, and most of these creamy formulas can also double as a pop of colour on your lids or lips for a cohesive glow. Cute!

The best part? They're totally foolproof and perfect for on-the-go - most creamy formulas can simply be applied with your fingers. 

4. Glossy lips and stains over lipstick.

When was the last time you wore a matte lipstick? Probably forever ago - right? If you're anything like us, you've been taking the low-maintenance route on the lip front.

These days we're all about nourishing balms, glossy lip oils, tinted stains and masks - a subtle touch of colour with a boost of hydration.

While the lacquered, shiny lip screams '90s vibes (insert Lancôme Juicy Tube here), a glossy lip is one makeup trend that never really goes out of style.

To nail the look, you can simply dab a lil gloss over your lips for a "your lips but better" look, or line them with a pencil and then swipe some gloss over the top. So plump! So juicy!

5. Highlighting over contouring.

Remember when contouring was like this huge thing? And now it's not? Lol. 

Instead of going full Kim K, we're reaching for creamy highlighters that lean into that dewy, juicy look. This push towards 'non-touring' favours a no-makeup makeup look, with a natural and healthy glow as the core theme.

Look for creamy highlighter sticks and pots - those multitasking formulas that can be used on the face, eyes and lips for an all-over glossy look.

Placed correctly, highlighting can lift and plump the face, giving the illusion of facial structure minus the harsh contouring (it's also the easiest way to fool everyone into thinking you actually drink enough water).

To apply, swipe the formula along your cheekbones, brow bones and Cupid’s bow and blend out with your fingers for a perfectly natural, dewy look. You can also dab a little on the inner corners of your eyes or over your lids to really ramp up the radiance. *Puts on sunglasses*.

6. Brushed up brows over a structured look.

While 2020 was all about trends like brow lamination and feathering, this year things are relatively low-maintenance on the brow front.

Reflecting the minimalist nature of 'skinimalism', it's time to ditch the heavy structured brow look and instead opt for natural colours and shapes - there are no squares, no harsh lines and no solid dark colours. 

It's really just about working with what you've already got!

Part of this movement means brows are fluffier than ever. If you want to give it a go, try the 'soap brows' trend (you can pick up a kit or just use a clear bar of soap). Using a spoolie brush with a drop of water, rub it on a soap bar and brush it over your brows for a full, fluffy look.

If soap brows aren't your thing, you can just use a brow gel and you'll be able to get a similar result.

Here's to not spending 30 minutes drawing on your brows every morning!

Are you on board the skinimallism trend? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.

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