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Michelle Bridges has spoken honestly about why her 10-year marriage to Bill Moore ended.


Michelle Bridges is well known as the creator of the 12 week body transformation, and as being an overall fitness guru. But prior to The Biggest Loser thrusting her into the spotlight in 2006, Michelle Bridges was married to Bill Moore.

Now, five years after the 10 year marriage came to an end in 2013, Michelle Bridges has opened up about the reason her marriage ended.

Speaking to Who Magazine’s ‘Who Are You’ podcast, the 47-year-old said that as she became a public figure, she began to think of business opportunities.

“I had all these ideas, I had a book half written, I had ideas around fitness clothing, hard goods, DVDs, you name it,” she said.

“Bill was still working in the car industry, and I said to him, ‘one day I want to be able to get my business up and running so you don’t have to work there anymore, you can come across and work with me,'” she added.

The entrepreneur shared that when her ex-husband eventually became her business manager, the pair worked ’24/7′.

“Bill was trying to keep it all together, I was the face of it all. We both were agreeing that we were living with our business manager. We were going through the diary in bed in the morning,” Michelle told the podcast.

When asked what she believed was the reason for the ending of her marriage, Michelle said it was bad timing.

“I guess it was just a timing thing, really. We’re still great mates. We’re still in the same circle of friends. I still see him as a great chapter in my life,” she told the podcast.

Five years on, Michelle Bridges is now in a committed relationship with Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, who is this year featuring on Survivor.


The 47-year-old personal trainer earlier this year revealed the one rule that her partner Steve, 42, has to follow when he’s on the reality television show.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Willis has said there is a strict “no cuddling” and “hands-off” policy when it comes to how he interacts with his co-stars.

Luckily though, Bridges is incredibly supportive of Willis’ decision to appear on the show.

“She was like, ‘if you commit to this, just do your best babe, be yourself, be true to you and you’ve got my support, just enjoy the experience’,” he told The Daily Telegraph

Steve Willis and Michelle Bridges share a two-year-old son, Axel Bridges Willis.